Watch: Scheer Rips Trudeau For Telling European Elites He Wishes He Could Phase Out Canada’s Oil Industry’ “Tomorrow”

When he’s in Canada, Trudeau claims he supports the energy industry. When he’s in foreign countries, his real agenda is revealed.

Justin Trudeau is facing criticism after telling European elites that he regrets being unable to phase out the Canadian oil industry “tomorrow.”

The comment by Trudeau comes as the Trans Mountain crisis keeps growing, and severely undercuts Trudeau’s claim to support the project – a claim more and more people are doubting.

Unsurprisingly, people aren’t happy about the comment, and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer ripped Trudeau for the remarks in Question Period.

Watch Scheer’s comments below:

As we’ve become used to, the Liberals dodged the question. Natural Resources minister Jim Carr (AKA the guy who ran from the media last week when they were asking tough questions on Trans Mountain) ignored the real question, and tried deflecting to criticism of Scheer for speaking after the Sunday Trans Mountain summit (which failed miserably).

Yet, Carr’s attempt to deflect won’t stop people from demanding an answer as to why Justin Trudeau is overseas talking about shutting down Canada’s energy industry.

It’s almost as if Trudeau is so arrogant that he thinks people can’t translate his words, or somehow thinks that things he says in Europe won’t come back here. Of course, the comments did come back, and his true attitude to the energy industry has once again been confirmed. Trudeau wants it eliminated ASAP, and all that holds him back is his desire to stay in power. So he’s weakening it piece by piece, imposing a carbon tax, slamming the industry with onerous regulations, and letting radical leftists delay projects to death.

As a result, there can be no doubt that the only hope of protecting Canada’s energy is to ensure that Trudeau is defeated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ed R Peebles

Justin is the victim of the Bad Blood in his Genetic Dysfunction and is a habitual LIAR and He always has to be the Center of all attention !

Ed P.


A little disfunctional boy who always wants center stage even acting role of puppet.


The traitor, or I should say traitors. Surely now he can be made to step down, he was never a Prime Minister of Canada and the Lieberals/NDP separatist foreign party are all traitors to Canada. They should all be arrested and in jail for life, horrible people, destroying a once good country. The drama and lies, I cannot think of enough bad things to say about them, but I sure hope that Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives can do something and it needs to be done quickly before Canada collapses.


Is it not totally obvious that the liberals , dreary and certainly not creative , copy the Conservative strategy every inc h of the way ….that is why Liberals wait so long to act….they wait for a conservative reaction and then proceed….a total drama act , not at all sincere, genuine and accountable …


‘As a result, there can be no doubt that the only hope of protecting Canada’s energy is to ensure that Trudeau is defeated.’ By that time Spencer, Canada might be in such a disarray that the mess created by the Trudeau’s and the media. And without a doubt these two parties (liberals and media) will put all their created mess on the shoulders of the next governing party. Which they have been doing for decades. Canadians cannot and must not put their faith on the media to warn them of the danger Justin is imposing on them. He and the… Read more »

Ron Werner

Isn’t that the whole point of all this climate change chatter? To phase out oil as fast as possible? This is about the most honest thing I’ve heard Trudeau say. But it could be the most naive thing he’s said. Maybe he’s actually believing all this climate change bs when other govts are using it only for tax leverage. What if we COULD phase 50% of our dependence on oil within 5 yrs? What would our economy be like? Would we be in a recession? Could we survive? Or have the elites set up countries that they are as dependent… Read more »

Clive Edwards

Turdeau is doing everything he can to support the petro-dollar. The Americans don’t make any money off us if we buy, refine and use Canadian oil. That’s why we ship oil “wholesale” to the U.S. for refining, thanks to NAFTA and have to buy it back at the world price in U.S. dollars. What we don’t buy back from the U.S. must come from Saudi Arabia by tanker, again payable in Petrodollars. Globalism is all about destroying peoples’ ability to use their own resources, including labour, in their own countries and under their own laws. Turdeau will twirl his tongue… Read more »


So what is Trudeau jr going to use to heat 24 Sussex Drive? Is he going to stop using airplanes? I do not see any magic carpets for sale. Or is the oil just for him and the rest of us can walk and freeze. This is insane.

Ana Gomes

Fake news tells me that our PM ,being so sincere and truthful,as we have seen by now, when he talks about the environment, has pledged to fly ,to his frequent frivolous trips and vacations, using only Lucifer’s used wings, an organic solution, which he will be buying at a discount at the Sally Ann. He will need also many extra pairs, for the friends, and security he has to take with him and also for the parasites he may be inviting. His gang of thinkers are asking if you know a few Satanic Angels that might have extra pairs of… Read more »


I am no fan of Trudeau but I suspect there’s a context here that we are not seeing… such as ‘yes, oil is a not a clean energy but it will be with us for a long time yet. It would be nice if we could dispose of it and go on to something cleaner, but, that is not the case. It will be an evil that we cannot do without for several decades in the future’. As for his preferences… well, if you make Gerald Butts your doppelganger, you are no friend of oil.

Mel Moore

Trudeau SAYS he’s for the pipeline to be built, but he won’t use his powers to GET IT BUILT. How can B.C. or any province impede the growth of our economy and the PM refuses to get his hands dirty? Thank God there is a federal election just around the corner, when we can vote into power the only person who gives a crap about this country: Andrew Scheer.