Watch: Scheer Rips Trudeau For Telling European Elites He Wishes He Could Phase Out Canada’s Oil Industry’ “Tomorrow”

When he’s in Canada, Trudeau claims he supports the energy industry. When he’s in foreign countries, his real agenda is revealed.

Justin Trudeau is facing criticism after telling European elites that he regrets being unable to phase out the Canadian oil industry “tomorrow.”

The comment by Trudeau comes as the Trans Mountain crisis keeps growing, and severely undercuts Trudeau’s claim to support the project – a claim more and more people are doubting.

Unsurprisingly, people aren’t happy about the comment, and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer ripped Trudeau for the remarks in Question Period.

Watch Scheer’s comments below:

As we’ve become used to, the Liberals dodged the question. Natural Resources minister Jim Carr (AKA the guy who ran from the media last week when they were asking tough questions on Trans Mountain) ignored the real question, and tried deflecting to criticism of Scheer for speaking after the Sunday Trans Mountain summit (which failed miserably).

Yet, Carr’s attempt to deflect won’t stop people from demanding an answer as to why Justin Trudeau is overseas talking about shutting down Canada’s energy industry.

It’s almost as if Trudeau is so arrogant that he thinks people can’t translate his words, or somehow thinks that things he says in Europe won’t come back here. Of course, the comments did come back, and his true attitude to the energy industry has once again been confirmed. Trudeau wants it eliminated ASAP, and all that holds him back is his desire to stay in power. So he’s weakening it piece by piece, imposing a carbon tax, slamming the industry with onerous regulations, and letting radical leftists delay projects to death.

As a result, there can be no doubt that the only hope of protecting Canada’s energy is to ensure that Trudeau is defeated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter