Grassroots Canadians Working To Protect Our Democracy

As the elites try to suppress the voice of the Canadian people and weaken our democracy, more and more people are pushing back.

Recently, I spoke with Jeff Sharpe and Mac Rogerson of the Canadian Coalition for Responsible Government (CCRG).

CCRG describe themselves as “a non-partisan, not for profit, grassroots, community organization working to unite Canadians to protect democracy, freedom of speech, Canadian heritage and our Constitution.”

We spoke about the goals of CCRG, the state of democracy in Canada, and the biggest concerns surrounding the Trudeau government.

Sharpe started by pointing out that the CCRG is a “registered group, a Canadian NGO that gives voice to Canadians – not foreign interests.”

He pointed out that the radical-left wants to create a narrative in which all conservative Canadians and groups are demonized as far-right, and noted that he wouldn’t be surprised if some far-right groups in Canada are actually funded and organized by the left in order to push their demonization agenda.

Rogerson noted how the media often echoes the messaging of the radical-left by painting every conservative group with the ‘far-right’ brush, instead of looking at what the group actually stands for.

Sharpe explained that the CCRG is working to be a resource centre to hold government accountable, and work with other grassroots groups such as “Act for Canada, the Canadian Constitution Foundation, and Canadian Students for Charter Rights.”

He said the group aims to take an approach based upon legal and democratic means to ensure the voices of grassroots Canadians are represented.

For example, as part of their effort to raise awareness about the danger of radical Islamism, the CCRG has invited Imams to events in a spirit of democratic and open discussion.

They also are willing to work with all parties willing to stand up for Canadian interests, and invite politicians to their events.

Concerns about Canadian democracy

When the conversation moved to discussion about the state of Canadian democracy, Rogerson said he was concerned about the Trudeau government and foreign extremism, and noted that the Liberals held up a bill that was supposed to block foreign funding from interfering in Canada’s elections.

He also addressed an issue that is rarely discussed – but certainly should be – the state of the Bank of Canada.

Rogerson pointed out that prior to the year 1974, the Bank of Canada (which is supposed to serve the Canadian people) lent money to the government nearly interest-free. However, that practice changed in 1974 under the Pierre Trudeau government, at which point the Bank of Canada shifted towards borrowing from international and domestic banks. It made big profits for the banks, while our national debt has skyrocketed, and national control over the Bank of Canada has eroded.

Justin Trudeau has followed in his father’s footsteps by creating the ‘Canadian’ Infrastructure Bank, which makes Canada borrow from foreign banks to fund our own infrastructure – putting taxpayers at serious risk and eroding our sovereignty.

Those are the kind of long-term issues that put our nation at risk and weaken us internally.

As Sharpe said, “Pierre Trudeau sold us out to the globalists,” and now “Canada is being robbed.”

Rogerson also raised concerns about how the Trudeau government has brought in “bail-in legislation,” giving banks the right to take deposits and transform them into bank shares in the case of a crisis.

As Rogerson said, it’s like “legal theft.”

Sharpe explained how driving up Canada’s borrowing (which is skyrocketing under Trudeau), and pushing people further into debt often serves those in power, because they want people kept in poverty.

Sharpe described the system today as a “democratic dictatorship,” with the media often contributing to the weakening of Canadian democracy.

Often, the “media only covers the counterprotestors” when a conservative group and a far-left group have competing protests, said Sharpe, and “try to create their own narrative” to “paint the right as ‘racists.’”

Ironically, as the radical-left try to falsely smear grassroots Canadians as ‘facists,’ the real facist threat is going unchallenged in much of the western world.

As Rogerson said, we are seeing the “third wave of facism,” particularly with the ideology of radical Islam.

Sharpe said those in power fear grassroots movements, with Rogerson noting that those movements are growing across the world as people push back against the elites.

We also discussed the increasing attempts by the radical left to assert control over individuals, with Sharpe saying “universities have become indoctrination,” and Rogerson ripping the increased “social engineering” we see from the government.

Concerns about the Trudeau government

Both Sharpe and Rogerson were clear: Trudeau must go.

Rogerson noted how the “government wants divisions along lines of race,” and accuses people of “phobias” when they express opinions contrary to the government line.

When it comes to radical Islam, rather than the Trudeau approach of demonizing those who discuss it, Sharpe said we need to “get the community to debate” about the issue.

It’s a great point, since no ideology can be defeated without the community first coming together to discuss it and confront it – a discussion that Justin Trudeau and the elites seem desperate to silence.

Rogerson also expressed concerns (shared by many Canadians) about the Trudeau government’s ‘justice reform’ bill C-75. The bill takes rights away from the accused, giving more power to government prosecutors. It’s supposedly in the name of reducing court delays, but it amounts to making government even more powerful than it already is.

Rogerson said that despite the fact that the “left demonizes anyone who questions the system, people need to wake up” and see what’s really happening, rather than just trusting what the government and media tell us.

Grassroots Canadians protecting democracy

Democracy is about more than just voting. It’s about being able to hold the government accountable at all times, and it’s about ensuring that the true voice of the Canadian people is represented in the halls of power.

While the politicians get the attention, the true protectors of democracy are Canadians like those involved in grassroots groups such as the CCRG who are working everyday to speak truth to power, and building a movement that can help rescue our nation from the perilous path it is currently on.

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