Illegal Border Crossings Set To Increase To 400 Per Day, As Trudeau Government Refuses To Take Action

Canada’s healthcare system and social programs will face increasing stress, and those who are waiting in line to enter Canada legally are getting punished while those who violate our border get rewarded.

Last year saw a big increase in illegal border crossings, after Justin Trudeau irresponsibly sent a tweet giving the impression that Canada’s borders were being flung wide open.

Tens of thousands of people entered Canada illegally, causing serious concern in border communities, increasing potential threats to our national security, and putting strain on our social programs.

The government said illegal border crossers weren’t being rewarded, but their kids were put into the public school system (at taxpayer expense), and many were given work permits and government funding. Clearly, the Trudeau government was rewarding those who violated our border.

So, it’s no surprise that an even bigger surge is expected.

It is expected that the number of illegal border crossers will increase to 400 per day. This is already adding costs, as Quebec is asking for over $140 million from the federal government to cover the expense of illegal border crossers.

As reported by the Montreal Gazette, Quebec Premier Phillippe Couillard “insisted front-line services are at a breaking point and turned up the heat by demanding Ottawa help manage asylum seekers landing here. Couillard reminded the Trudeau government that managing borders is essentially a federal responsibility and centres harbouring asylum seekers will soon be filled to capacity, which is Ottawa’s problem, not Quebec’s.”

Said Couillard, “People in Ottawa need to realize our system is stretched and cannot be stretched any more. We can’t have this (influx) year after year, after year. The system is going to bust. That’s real life, that’s the reality.”

Insanely, rather than take real action (like declare all of Canada’s border an official port of entry like Michelle Rempel has suggested) Hussen instead criticized Quebec:

“Hussen said the situation risks causing delays at the border and an “unacceptable humanitarian situation.”’

The response shows that Hussen isn’t concerned about the impact of illegal border crossings on Canadians, he’s only concerned with making sure the government spends more money on facilities for those who entered Canada illegally.

So much for serving Canadians.

It’s a messed up attitude and broken set of priorities from Hussen and the Trudeau government. It’s as if they think Canadian taxpayers have some sort of obligation to financially reward those who violated our border.

We are now seeing, in real-time, the Trudeau government putting their “post-national state” vision into action. They’re letting our borders get treated as a joke, and taking our money to spend it on those who broke the law, while prospective immigrants and refugees who are showing respect for Canada by following the rules get punished by having to wait even longer.


Spencer Fernando

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Where do you get all this information? I enjoy reading every thing you write especially about Trudeau the clown jester PM and of course Trump – if only the Democrats would stop with the witch hunt. Keep it up Mr. Fernando.

Moe S.

Also, it was reported by Quebec’s Min. of Immigration there’s an organized system where people land in the U.S.A then head for an irregular crossing along Quebec-New York borders. From there the illegal immigrants are leaving Quebec and heading to other parts of Canada. Minister Ahmed Hussen wants Quebec to “tell him what Quebec wants them to do.” Really! Here’s a suggestion Minister of Immigration Hussen, how about stop using the Canadian RCMP as luggage carriers and welcome greeters at the Quebec open border. Second, stop handing out the Liberal goodie bag of free health care and work permits for… Read more »


Did you also see that Quebec says that most of these people do not want to live in Quebec so they are going to put them on buses to go where they want to go and live in Canada? which usually means they will drop them off in Ontario, which is so much in debt and is loosing jobs by the score. The UN feels Canada can take many more refugees. We will not thank you Lieberals. Too bad that Canada is collapsing our economy, and now any province they decide to live in is having trouble financially. All these… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

If my memory serves me, Hussein was commenting on this in the House of the Hill in question period by stating: “We have this under contorl,” or words to that effect. Typical of the Liberal mentality.

Ivan Hawkes

How could anyone not realize there is a specific “agenda” behind this flagrant abuse of Canadian law and policy? It is beyond obvious that the LIEberals are simply puppets of a globalist movement which plans to drive Canada into the deepest possible debt and create unquenchable social unrest. Canada was too strong, too independent, and Canadians were too happy with their lives, which did not allow the globalist plan to gain sufficient control over us. The LIEberals break our economic strength, create huge problems in our society, weaken our social fabric, break down any sense of security, and walk away… Read more »