Welcome To Canada, Where We Punish People For Buying Cheap Beer From Another Province While Rewarding Those Who Enter Our Country Illegally

After Supreme Court ruling, the absurdity reaches new levels.

Common-sense clearly isn’t that common among those who run our country.

A recent Supreme Court ruling upheld an absurd fine imposed by New Brunswick against Gerard Comeau.

Comeau’s ‘error’?

Buying cheap alcohol from another province.

For that, Comeau was fined for ‘violating’ New Brunswick’s statist liquor monopoly, meaning he’ll have to pay money to the government in order to uphold a monopoly he already pays for through his taxes.

It’s crazy.

And yet, even as the Supreme Court upheld that insane status quo, the Trudeau government has been rewarding those who enter Canada illegally.

With border crossings set to surge to 400 per day, and the Quebec provincial government saying they’re running out of resources to manage the illegal influx, the Trudeau government criticized them for not spending more money on facilities for illegal crossers.

The government also bragged about how they’ve given out thousands of work permits to illegal crossers, many of whom also received welfare cheques.

So, we now live in a country where a citizen gets punished for buying cheaper beer in another province and bringing it across the provincial border, while non-citizens who illegally enter our country are rewarded with taxpayer-funded lodging facilities, work permits, and welfare cheques.

This is nothing short of insanity, and shows why Canada needs a political revolution to clean house of our disgraceful, incompetent, and disloyal leaders.

Spencer Fernando

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Allis Chalmers

And we thought this is the greatest Country to live in. There was a day that was true but not anymore. We are far from free citizens. Socialism is upon us.

Mike McGill

I thought Canada was the best country also 4 years ago but I no longer live there and now call my home the Philippines . Good government that’s not socialist and cleaning up the crap here. And plus the nicest people I have met in a long time. I am tired of thieves in government stealing my hard earned money and working almost 6 months a year for nothing. It’s not perfect here but better than Canada now.

Tommy Hawk

This is, again, demonstrable of the typical convoluted Liberal logic.


Allis, you are on the mark! Spencer I agree 100%.
That being said, how do we unify and fight!


It is high time that the Supreme Court (3 from Ontario, 3 from Quebec and 3 from the rest of Canada) be held up to scrutiny. At the very least, before appointed to that august bench each appointee ought to have some public questioning forum. Is it possible to have some override by the notwithstanding clause ?

Ana Gomes

Liberal courts, liberal results: no fairness, nor justice, just the political agenda of the so called Liberals.Politicized courts like in other banana republics. Aren’t you tired of everything Liberal? Where is all the fair and good sense of Canada? Cruel and petty trudashian world !!!

Peter Wilson

Well said – I’m gonn’a use it when I can get back on facebook

Clive Edwards

Remember to breathe, Allis. Canada is still a great country, as far as the land and most of the people are concerned. We have to deal with the same problem all other countries are having right now – a full court press by the globalists to destroy nation states and create a one world government. Trudeau is their “front person” in Canada, May in Britain, Macron in France and whether he knows it or not, Trump is in the U.S. The only countries openly resisting, for now, are those labeled “our enemies”; in reality, the enemies of globalism – Russia,… Read more »

shawn oriley

spencer you hit the topic right on regarding the wolves under another Trudeau gets to destroy this grand country. The thing that really bothers me is the crowds that follow him like little puppies even though this man has turned this country upside down these people do not care. This to me was supposed to be a united country better than Others but two PMS> have destroyed all that and he also has the stranglehold of the house of Commons so they do what he wants and he gets away with every corrupt thing he does and no charges laid.… Read more »



Panda blaor

Been a long time since I’ve seen or heard real talk…but unfortunately it’s just that.. .if there is or was a way to change this to right the wrong I’d be in front …but I fought and lost …too much already ..i don’t see a way ..and now just look for a way.out …new name papers whatever …but unless mass millions think or know what you two do…in the end all talk and decades of pain and fighting to loose and broken down or locked away…and very easy to do as i learned. But let me know when you figure… Read more »

Sandra Clark

You can’t really blame a person for trying to save a little money for buying cheaper beer. The way inflation has grown and Trudeau adding taxes to everything he can think of and upping existing taxes, or putting tax on tax, plus high inflation on everything, it’s hard to survive anymore, never mind trying to have a little enjoyment on our days off. So glad (sarcasm) that Trudeau and his Liberal Minions are having such a good time on our tax dollars. $1 million plus to upgrade offices and vacation after vacation after vacation. It’s endless with Trudeau. Fine a… Read more »

Daunell Lapointe

We live in a country that has always been a land of the idiot. Go right back through history to when it all began. Anyone with Any brain would have headed to the south! Those that chose to stay up here and remain loyal to the tyrannical ways and extreme taxation under the King of England were Morons and Cowards and that is the root of and what this country was built on. This stupidity is still prevalent today. Canadians were brainwashed into thinking that this was so great and the Americans were so awful to keep the up the… Read more »


No federal leader should be permitted to so much as discuss international free trade until we get our own house in order .
I am truly embarrassed to be a Canadian these days . A shame full judgement by the courts that could have serious national consequences for years to come .
Lets hope Doug Ford gets around to dealing with this starting with privatizing Ontarios filthy unionized liquor commie monopoly. Why Mike Harris stopped short of this I do not recall.
Probably feared an all out attack from the left come election time ?

paul castonguay

Les zombies du Qc et d’ailleurs suivent les gauchistes innocemment mais le regretteront bientôt.