Welcome To Canada, Where We Punish People For Buying Cheap Beer From Another Province While Rewarding Those Who Enter Our Country Illegally

After Supreme Court ruling, the absurdity reaches new levels.

Common-sense clearly isn’t that common among those who run our country.

A recent Supreme Court ruling upheld an absurd fine imposed by New Brunswick against Gerard Comeau.

Comeau’s ‘error’?

Buying cheap alcohol from another province.

For that, Comeau was fined for ‘violating’ New Brunswick’s statist liquor monopoly, meaning he’ll have to pay money to the government in order to uphold a monopoly he already pays for through his taxes.

It’s crazy.

And yet, even as the Supreme Court upheld that insane status quo, the Trudeau government has been rewarding those who enter Canada illegally.

With border crossings set to surge to 400 per day, and the Quebec provincial government saying they’re running out of resources to manage the illegal influx, the Trudeau government criticized them for not spending more money on facilities for illegal crossers.

The government also bragged about how they’ve given out thousands of work permits to illegal crossers, many of whom also received welfare cheques.

So, we now live in a country where a citizen gets punished for buying cheaper beer in another province and bringing it across the provincial border, while non-citizens who illegally enter our country are rewarded with taxpayer-funded lodging facilities, work permits, and welfare cheques.

This is nothing short of insanity, and shows why Canada needs a political revolution to clean house of our disgraceful, incompetent, and disloyal leaders.

Spencer Fernando

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