As Wynne Launches Unhinged Attacks On Ford, Ontario Liberals Fall To Third Place In New Poll

Forum Research poll shows the Ford PCs with a massive lead, and the NDP in second place.

The Wynne Liberals are getting more and more desperate, and as that desperation increases their attacks are getting more and more unhinged.

Kathleen Wynne recently went on an unhinged rant comparing Doug Ford to Donald Trump and acting as if she’s campaigning in the United States.

Now, a new poll shows why Wynne is so concerned.

According to Forum Research, the Wynne Liberals have fallen to third place.

The poll shows the PCs at 46%, the NDP at 27%, and the Liberals at 21%. The Liberals had temporarily closed the gap after releasing their big-spending budget, but they’ve fallen back again.

According to Forum, the PCs would win 94 seats with those numbers, the NDP would win 23, and the Liberals would get just 7 – falling short of official party status.

54% of respondents think the PCs will win the election – which could be a concern for the party if it causes supporters to become complacent.

Wynne losing

This poll is bad news for Kathleen Wynne. While things can always change in the election, and while the PCs can’t afford to be complacent, it is quite clear that people are looking for change, and Wynne’s attacks on Ford aren’t convincing voters.

Perhaps that’s because as Wynne goes nuts, Ford has actually focused on policies and ideas to help and empower the people, a contrast that is becoming impossible to miss.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Keep going Doug, Ontario really needs you. Canada needs you too. You are one strong brave man.

Just when our most favorite Lieberal advertisement news media, The Toronto Star, just announced that the Quebec illegal border crossing people are being put on buses to come to Ontario, right away. Can you imagine how hard it will be to clean up this Lieberal mess.


Do not NOT let the fake news nor Kathleen Wynne get to you Doug Ford. Do your job for the people. Keep focus.


Praise the Lord …

Ivan Hawkes

The LIEberals fall to third place? I’m amazed that they have ANY place whatsoever. Anyone who supports the LIEberals must be masochistic, simple minded, foolish, and self destructive. Anyone who supports the LIEberals better not claim to love their children, because they are inviting a horrible fate upon their children through the LIEberal “AGENDA” of destroying Canada’s future.

Tommy Hawk

Wynne is simply displaying the typical Liberal attitude when they realize they are NOT the popular choice — it would (hopefully will) be identical at the federal level under similar conditions because the Liberal mentality, being that of the ‘spoiled child,’ begets the same response when they suddenly realize ‘they’ are not the ‘favourite’ anymore.