Ford Unveils Plan To Reduce Healthcare Wait Times

Promises 30,000 new long-term care beds across Ontario.

Doug Ford has released his plan to reduce healthcare wait times.

Ford says the PCs will invest in a total of 30,000 new long-term care beds over the next decade, with 15,000 of those beds coming in the next five years.

Ford said his plan is focused on strengthening frontline healthcare, compared to Wynne’s approach that focuses on spending lots of money on highly-paid healthcare bureaucrats.

According to an Ontario PC Press release, Ford said “The first thing we’re going to do is listen to health care professionals, including the nurses and doctors who are on the frontlines. We’re then going to cut wait times by opening up new long-term care beds across the province. This will ensure that people who need care can always get the best possible care, while taking the strain off our hospitals for everybody else.”

“If your kid has a fever or your mom has a fall, you don’t go down to the Ministry of Health to have it looked at — instead you go to your local doctors and nurses,” added Ford. “If Kathleen Wynne had invested in doctors and nurses and patients the same way she has invested in new senior health care bureaucrats, then every town would have a doctor, wait times would be a thing of the past and patients wouldn’t be stuck on stretchers in our hospital hallways.”

Ford’s announcement is consistent with the approach he has taken so far, of bringing government services closer to the people, instead of centralizing spending on the salaries of wealthy bureaucrats.

It follows the principle that government functions better the more localized it can be, and Ford’s approach is a welcome contrast with the big-government approach that is currently failing to get results.

Ford says he will focus on those who know healthcare best, patients and professionals:

“Ontario’s health care system deserves change that will respect patients, and health care professionals. My message to the people who are waiting, and the people who are frustrated, is that change is coming and help is on the way,” said Ford.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter