Government Report Says Canada Could Face Chemical Weapons Attack Risk From Returning ISIS Fighters

So why are they letting them back into the country?

According to an internal government report, Canada could face the risk of chemical weapon terror attacks, as returning ISIS fighters may have knowledge of how to use those weapons.

As reported by Global News, internal government documents reveal the concern:

“The documents said the so-called Islamic State had repeatedly used chlorine and mustard gas in Syria and Iraq, raising the prospect of their use in Canada by returning foreign fighters.”

The documents say the threat of a chemical weapons attack is still considered quite low, “However, Daesh’s known use of commercially available toxic industrial chemicals in attacks is indicative of the group’s ability to use any means available.”

Disturbingly, the story notes that an initial draft of a public report on the threat of terrorism facing Canada included reference to the chemical weapons attack threat, but the Trudeau government then took that info out – failing to reveal it to the public:

“The draft reports, obtained by Global News under the Access to Information Act, cited the issue repeatedly. But all mentions of the issue were cut from the final version of the Public Safety Canada report released last December.”

So, as the Trudeau government refused to take action to eliminate ISIS fighters overseas, and as they tried to convince us that ‘reintegration’ of brutal terrorists was possible, they were hiding info on a potential threat.

Don’t let them into our country

While the threat may be remote, it still cannot be discounted, and it’s yet another reason why the Trudeau government is making a horrible mistake by letting ISIS fighters back into our country.

We should be joining our allies like the US, the UK, and France in eliminating ISIS fighters overseas so they can’t return home, and those in the country should be arrested and then ultimately deported/eliminated. After all, fighting for ISIS is clearly treason, and must be dealt with as such.

Instead, the Trudeau government seeks to downplay the danger, and opens up our doors to the worst of the worst, while spending taxpayer dollars on a ‘reintegration’ program that even the public safety minister doesn’t think will work.

As a result, the Canadian people are being put at a totally unnecessary risk, and the Trudeau government is failing in the most important job they have: Keeping our nation safe.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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