Video: Wynne Campaign Co-Chair Calls Doug Ford “A Dick” As Desperate Liberals Descend Further Into Gutter

Ford takes high road after comment by David Herle, who then issued a half-hearted and cynical ‘apology.’

Following in the wake of Kathleen Wynne’s crazy attacks on Doug Ford, the Liberals are becoming even more unhinged.

Wynne’s campaign co-chair David Herle had the following to say about Doug Ford at a recent panel discussion:

“I think people liked Rob Ford, and I think people think Doug Ford’s a bit of a dick, to be honest.”

Watch Herle’s comments below:


Herle later ‘apologized’ for the comments, but his apology ended up being a cynical attack:

He tried to shift the focus onto Ford, making references to supposed comments Ford had made in the past, saying “No matter how commonplace such conduct might be for Mr. Ford, it is no justification to follow suit. There is an important difference between naming behaviours and name-calling. Today, I used a term in reference to Mr. Ford that was inappropriate and I regret it.”

Ford took the high road by issuing a reasonable and measured response:

“I have thick skin. I’ve been called names before,” said Ford. “But what bothers me the most is what he’s saying, he’s insulting the people of Ontario that want to move this province forward. He’s insulting my supporters that consist of PC, Liberal and NDP (voters).”

Kathleen Wynne has said Herle won’t face a punishment for his comments.

Wynne Liberals descending further into the gutter

With the polls looking bad, the Wynne Liberals are clearly losing their minds. Their big-debt budget failed to gain them support, and they are now launching desperate and crazy attacks every chance they get.

If they had a good record to run on, they would be talking about that. But since their ‘legacy’ is more debt, higher taxes, and exploding energy costs, gutter politics is all they have left.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Bev Campbell

Always, keep calm and take the high road, it simply makes a crazed attacker look like a madman, we are all watching this election in Ontario and can tell you this, it is exactly the scenario that gave the States Donald Trump, it is because the “people” are sick of being used and made to look like fools and they are rising up, just as the american people did….I am VERY interested in seeing Doug Ford rise to the top and make some dramatic changes. You go go go Sir.

Tommy Hawk

I would strongly suggest that ‘gutter politics’ is not ‘all they have left,’ but rather is a hallmark of Liberal politics from at least, to my memory, the mid-sixties — and quite likely much earlier than that.


Take a look Spencer. It revolves around Iqra Khalid and justin trudeau Again.


The increasing Ford’s popularity is not omly driving the liberal gov into insanity but the media as well that spent every waking hour for years promoting Kathleen Wynne’s disaster to Ontaio as well as lying for her just so she remains in gov.
The media and the the liberals are the destructors of canada and should be held accountable.
Doug Ford knows the mess the liberals have left to clean up which he needs every help possible from the public to so.


The mark of a true liberal — reverts straight to name-calling …

Moe S.

Poor Herle, another Liberal who will be thrown off the taxpayer’s gravy train. He stands to lose his $70,000 per month salary from the Liberals. His company Gandalf Group made a grand total of 3.4 million from taxpayers. Sooo…sad he and other Liberals will soon lose their bread & butter source (taxpayers money) and will have look elsewhere for an income.

Sandra Williston

This David Herle person is oozing with desperation. He wants to keep his job and knowing that he cannot possibly defend the Liberals based on their abysmal record, this is where he chooses to go. Frankly I actually laughed at his grasping at straws tactic and Wynne stating that he would face no reprimand also does not surprise me. She and Herle are just being themselves by displaying their true colours for all to see. I see this as a breath of fresh air from the Liberals, as this unmasking is definitely the most truth we have seen from Wynne… Read more »


Losers Liberals speak garbage & deeming words because they WILL be VOTED OUT of office in the 2019 elections. GOOD RIDDANCE to ALL LIBERALS, especially TRUDEAU.
Liberals & Trudeau are a den of thieves and lowlifes, with low moral character.


I do wish the Liberals in Ontario would tell the folks how much money was dumped down the big, black, E-health hole. Kathleen probably does not want this YOYO talking about a dick.

Tim Pedden

DOUG FORD FOR PREMIER , ANDREW SCHEER FOR PRIME MINISTER . LETS ALL STAND TOGETHER TO SAVE CANADA , Lets Rid our country of all “LIEBERALS” and drive them back down into the SEWERS they came from for the Future of Canadians .