Report: Morneau Still Refusing To Give Details Or Even A Timeline As Trans Mountain Crisis Continues

Incompetence and secrecy.

In a recent interview, Bill ‘Moneybags’ Morneau continued the pattern of the Trudeau government refusing to give details to Canadians on any plan to get the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion built.

At every step of the way, the Trudeau government has done nothing but mouth empty slogans, while the pipeline expansion gets farther and farther from happening.

While talking to CTV, “Morneau refused to offer any specifics on a budget or timeline, saying that “today is not a time for me to get into details.”

“We don’t have exact timelines. We do need to appropriately come to the best solution. I’m working through that. And when we have a more definitive timeline, of course you’ll be among the first to know. There will be that transparency, we’re just not able to describe something that has not yet been concluded.”

That’s a lot of words to say nothing at all.

So, after all this time – with months leading up to this crisis – Morneau can’t give details, is still “working through” the issue, and can’t offer any timeline.

What has the government been doing for all this time?

This incompetence – and refusal to take decisive action to get the pipeline built – adds more credence to the idea that the government doesn’t actually want the project to happen.

With the Kinder Morgan CEO casting more doubt on whether the expansion is feasible given the current political climate, every day the government fails to take real action is another day Canada is further at risk of becoming a less prosperous and more divided nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Trudeau has consistently pitted Canadians against fellow Canadians. Now he’s pitting provinces against neighboring provinces. What next? Does he hate Canada?


You must have heard, he believes Canada is a post-national state. He doesn’t believe in Canada at all (one world government presumably). Some have said he is positioning himself for the UN Secretary-General position. Considering this, everything else falls into place.

tommy hawk

Y-E-S!! As did daddy.

Clive Edwards

I suspect Morneau and Turdeau of waiting for assurance that “campaign contributions” have been made via their Caribbean bank accounts. “Q: How can you tell which ones are the Liberal politicians? A: Their money has more of a Caribbean tan than they do”. I wonder, does Turdeau dress up as a Cheech and Chong Rastafarian when he goes to visit his money? Or does he pretend he’s Cretin, another Liberal prime minister who avoided paying Canadian taxes? If CRA were to actually screw around with Turdeau, would they seize his house at Sussex Drive?


Likely his accounts in one of the Banks owned by the Communist Chinese million-dollar donors to the Justin Trudeau Family Benefit Fund that he approved. At least two in Vancouver established with Justin’s blessings. Nice quiet places to launder money from China.

tommy hawk

You betcha!

Sandra Williston

…and the transparent translation is that Morneau has not a clue what he is doing!

tommy hawk

He doesn’t need a clue — he is a Liberal — a typical Liberal.


How many Canada Steamship lines oil tankers will not be carrying Saudi oil to Canada if this happens to get built under the Liberal government. I’m surprised that Kinder Morgan just doesn’t announce they won’t build under current government and their anti west anti production legislation. His statements in France clearly show they don’t want oil as a part of the economy of Canada even though it pays a lot of the cost of government. He’s exactly like his father but not as intelligent. Another lost generation due to Liberal incompetence. Trudeau, Cretin ,Trudeau…gangsters and thugs the lot of them

tommy hawk

And you are the proud recipient of the ‘prize.’


The incompetence of these idiots is incredible.

tommy hawk

THEY believe it is ‘competence.’


Dear Mr Fernando I would love to see you join the conservative party…any chance? Your bulldog attitude is needed!

tommy hawk

Now that has potential — however, I suspect that Fernando is too smart to get caught on that one.


Liberals and NDP will seek to nationalize the oil industry. Alberta will become Rachel’s own Venezuela and Trudeau and Butts will wet their pants with glee. Canada will be over. Sunnyways. Or we can ask his caucus to desert him and join in a vote of non-confidnce to remove the traitor and his minions.

tommy hawk

Oh, yes, you can ‘ask’ — but the reality is that once a Liberal you lose your backbone and integrity — you are not allowed either, assuming you might have had one or both — and you have only ONE allegiance, as it is with any cult.