Trudeau Divides Canadians, Then Accuses Others Of Being Divisive

The Trudeau government regularly attacks Canadians who disagree with them as ‘deniers,’ ‘islamophobes,’ ‘neanderthals,’ and more. Yet, Trudeau refuses to take responsibility for the rising anger and division in Canada.

Justin Trudeau has been one of the most divisive ‘leaders’ in Canadian history.

He and his government regularly take actions that outrage Canadians, and then insult and denigrate Canadians when we express our opposition to those actions.

For example, Justin Trudeau called Conservatives “islamophobic” when they opposed his ‘ISIS reintegration’ plan.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said she had “no time” for people who oppose the Trudeau government’s climate policies.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau called Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt a “neanderthal” when she pointed out the emptiness of the Trudeau government’s ‘feminist’ rhetoric.

Trudeau has played the provinces against each other, punishing Saskatchewan for opposing the dubious carbon tax, while rewarding the B.C. NDP with billions as they seek to block the Trans Mountain expansion.

That’s just a sampling of the demonization tactics and divisive rhetoric that is constantly used by Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government – a far cry from their promise to offer a ‘new politics’ when they were seeking power.

And yet – totally oblivious to the hypocrisy – Justin Trudeau is still trying to make it seem like his opponents are responsible for the rising anger and division in Canada.

During his recent speech at the Liberal convention, Trudeau attacked Stephen Harper and Andrew Scheer (as he always does when he’s in political trouble), and tried to make it seem like the opposition is divisive.

Laughably, Trudeau accused the Conservatives of pushing the “politics of fear and division,” and called Scheer “Stephen Harper with a smile,” adding, “And if there’s one thing — and there may be only one thing — we’ve learned about the Conservative party under Mr. Scheer’s leadership, it’s this: It may be Andrew Scheer’s smile. But it’s still Stephen Harper’s party. The same policies. The same politics of fear and division.”

Trudeau seems to be ignoring the fact that his approval ratings are actually lower than Stephen Harper’s were at a similar time in the previous government.

Then, showing even less self-awareness, Trudeau said he was practicing “sunny ways,” and said “Positive politics means you fight for your ideas – you don’t demonize your opponents.”

It’s almost as if he doesn’t realize that people are able to read what he says. In one sentence he launches a divisive attack to demonize his opponents, then in another he says he’s against division and doesn’t plan to demonize people.


More and more people are seeing through Trudeau’s divisive and deceptive rhetoric, realizing that behind the “Sunny Ways” slogan, Justin Trudeau is all about dividing Canadians and demonizing those who disagree with him.

In his desperation to maintain power, Trudeau is willing to split our country apart, so long as he thinks it will benefit him politically. In fact, Trudeau – like many elites – wants more and more division, to keep people distracted from his weakening of Canada’s sovereignty and make it easier for him to sell us out.

The truth is increasingly clear: Justin Trudeau is the divisive one, and if he wins the next election Canada’s democracy and unity will be put at further and further risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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