Trudeau Divides Canadians, Then Accuses Others Of Being Divisive

The Trudeau government regularly attacks Canadians who disagree with them as ‘deniers,’ ‘islamophobes,’ ‘neanderthals,’ and more. Yet, Trudeau refuses to take responsibility for the rising anger and division in Canada.

Justin Trudeau has been one of the most divisive ‘leaders’ in Canadian history.

He and his government regularly take actions that outrage Canadians, and then insult and denigrate Canadians when we express our opposition to those actions.

For example, Justin Trudeau called Conservatives “islamophobic” when they opposed his ‘ISIS reintegration’ plan.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said she had “no time” for people who oppose the Trudeau government’s climate policies.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau called Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt a “neanderthal” when she pointed out the emptiness of the Trudeau government’s ‘feminist’ rhetoric.

Trudeau has played the provinces against each other, punishing Saskatchewan for opposing the dubious carbon tax, while rewarding the B.C. NDP with billions as they seek to block the Trans Mountain expansion.

That’s just a sampling of the demonization tactics and divisive rhetoric that is constantly used by Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government – a far cry from their promise to offer a ‘new politics’ when they were seeking power.

And yet – totally oblivious to the hypocrisy – Justin Trudeau is still trying to make it seem like his opponents are responsible for the rising anger and division in Canada.

During his recent speech at the Liberal convention, Trudeau attacked Stephen Harper and Andrew Scheer (as he always does when he’s in political trouble), and tried to make it seem like the opposition is divisive.

Laughably, Trudeau accused the Conservatives of pushing the “politics of fear and division,” and called Scheer “Stephen Harper with a smile,” adding, “And if there’s one thing — and there may be only one thing — we’ve learned about the Conservative party under Mr. Scheer’s leadership, it’s this: It may be Andrew Scheer’s smile. But it’s still Stephen Harper’s party. The same policies. The same politics of fear and division.”

Trudeau seems to be ignoring the fact that his approval ratings are actually lower than Stephen Harper’s were at a similar time in the previous government.

Then, showing even less self-awareness, Trudeau said he was practicing “sunny ways,” and said “Positive politics means you fight for your ideas – you don’t demonize your opponents.”

It’s almost as if he doesn’t realize that people are able to read what he says. In one sentence he launches a divisive attack to demonize his opponents, then in another he says he’s against division and doesn’t plan to demonize people.


More and more people are seeing through Trudeau’s divisive and deceptive rhetoric, realizing that behind the “Sunny Ways” slogan, Justin Trudeau is all about dividing Canadians and demonizing those who disagree with him.

In his desperation to maintain power, Trudeau is willing to split our country apart, so long as he thinks it will benefit him politically. In fact, Trudeau – like many elites – wants more and more division, to keep people distracted from his weakening of Canada’s sovereignty and make it easier for him to sell us out.

The truth is increasingly clear: Justin Trudeau is the divisive one, and if he wins the next election Canada’s democracy and unity will be put at further and further risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Clive Edwards

Turdeau is just paying his dues to the globalists so they will give him the job he really wants – the meat puppet running the U.N. Since Turdeau is personally so concerned with his image, hence the ridiculous costumes and selfies, let me say the old picture Spencer used, with Turdeau’s mouth open in a “rent boy” circle, has been replaced by a picture of a fearful guy in a suit and tie that reminds me of the old B.C. joke, “What do you call the guy in the suit? The defendant”. If only Turdeau were actually in a court… Read more »


So many pictures of Trudeau that I see show an empty vessel. There is seriously nothing going on behind those dead eyes. He is vacant of substance and intelligence. The picture at the top of this page is like sooo many you see of Trudeau: a vacuous shell, a man-child consumed by his own narcissism. It’s very sad that this is our Prime Minister. We patiently await October 2019 …

Sandra Williston

I will take Stephen Harper with a smile any day of the week over a pathological liar and charlatan, which is exactly what Justin Trudeau is. Canada has never had such an immature, divisive, traitorous and low IQ Prime Minister in all of its 150 year history.

Bonnie Liske

Agree, Sandra!

bj stewart

Hilary called Trump supporters deplorable and that did not turn out so well now did it. Trudeau’s tactics will bring the working class ( what ever he calls them ) out in droves and the head of the Liberal beast will be crushed once and for all and forever. Almost seems like that is what they want. They are an endangered species.

M. Mortensen

What Canada and Canadians need is a Fox news network so we, the people, are not force fed the fake news on a daily basis from CTV and CBC…….

Brent Beam

Don’t forget The Star which appears to be in love with the Liberals…maybe even funded by them like the CBC given their clear bias.


The Rebel, Brian Lilley and Spencer Fernando are three who are trying to push the message through the cloud of scum that is our “media”.


We have the Rebel, Brian Lilley, and Spencer Fernando. The Job of countering the MSM is huge but these three “Voices in The Wilderness” can and will help those Canadian who want to see the light, find it.


He, Morneau and climate barbie have chased out over $60 billion in investments that will NEVER return. That money is gone, invested elsewhere in a much more secure economic climate. Gender confusion and carbon taxes don’t give people confidence in Canada as a place to invest. I have moved a bunch of my funds offshore and as my shares recover even a little, I intend to leave only about 30% invested in Canada. When the Liberals are thrown out I can always bring it back but until then, China, India and America are much more attractive. Even a little selectively… Read more »


TRUDEAU IS THE MOST DIVISIVE, DANGEROUS, ILLIBERAL, NARCISSISTIC SOCIOPATH ELITIST EVER TO SIT IN THE PM SEAT IN THE HOUSE OF CANADA! In my entire life I have NEVER felt more divided into a PM’s PERSONAL IDEOLOGY, or acceptable/unacceptable groups of sexes, sexual preferences, religions/belief systems, colors/races, point of origin… I have NEVER felt more ignored, unappreciated, used, devalued, manipulated, BULLIED and FORCED into accepting situations,policies,changes/direction I did NOT vote for, agree with. I have NEVER felt more at risk of losing the rights and freedoms I grew up with and thought would always be PROTECTED IN THIS COUNTRY. I… Read more »


My sentiments exactly.

Sewer Rat

This is why I support separation. Time to face the facts. Canada only wants one thing from Alberta, and that is our money, so they can spend recklessly in their own provinces. They could care less about what we think or want.

tommy hawk

Superb comments — well thought out and, unfortunately all too true.

Believe me when I say: “You are not alone.”

Believe me also when I say: This is all intentional.

Andre Tremblay

It’s not ” if the Liberals win the next election Canada’s democracy and unity will be put at further and further risk.” , it’s if the Liberals win the next election, it will be the END of Canada. We will not survive as a Country. I do not say this lightly, but those are the facts. As a Proud Canadian and Vet, I have seen our Great Country sink into a mire of Political Correctness, Racial Identity Politics and Immorality that has infected a once Tolerant and Accepting society. It saddens me to see this happening. This is not the… Read more »

tommy hawk

Welcome to the club, sir.


Federal environment minister defends BP Canada’s Nova Scotia drill plan

The Canadian Press 
Published Monday, April 23, 2018 4:16AM EDT 

HALIFAX – Federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna is defending BP Canada’s plans to drill an exploration well roughly 330 kilometres off the coast of Halifax.

On Saturday, the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board granted the oil and gas company permission to start drilling.

Brent Beam

Must be Liberal country…seems inconsistent with their plans for Alta and Sask.

tommy hawk

You, sir, win the ‘Bingo’ prize.


I KNEW IT!!!! THAT PARTY HAS EVERY INTENTIONS FROM THE VERY FIRST DAY NOT TO DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THE WEST ESPECIALLY ALBERTA. BP, that caused the leak on the gulf of Mexico is now doing business for the TRUDEAU’S GOV. If for one sec think that the revenues from the exploration will go to the Maritimers thhey better think again. All that money will go to the TRUDEAU GOV FOR HIS RADICALS, with some friggin excuse that ‘Harper gov didn’t do this or that’. Western Canada will be closed for business: deliberately done and accomplished by JIHADI JUSTIN TRUDEAU… Read more »

tommy hawk

Jen, your comments are accurate — unfortunately.


I wonder what impacts him? What he notices? What influence does his brother have? So much, in all cases is hidden.

tommy hawk

That, Joy, is the way ‘He’ and the Liberals operate — reminds me of the mobs of the thirties.

Miles Lunn

I think nowadays with how polarized our politics are that it is pretty hard not be divisive. But if Trudeau thinks that being progressive (really a code word for socialism) will unite Canadians he is sadly mistaken. Many of us prefer to judge people as individuals not what group they come from. Not all of us want a big activist government and would prefer a government who stays out of our lives. After all some of us believe that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”. Likewise not… Read more »

tommy hawk

That, Miles, is how they Liberals operate — similar to the mobs of the thirties in the U.S.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau with each and every passing day, his decisions and judgements prove that he is and always has been unfit for the office of Prime Minister. Since he had a desire to become PM, he would have noticed or at least studied the requirements to hold the highest political office in Canada and considered the conduct of past honourable Prime Ministers. Yet, he failed to do any of these things, because he believed that he has the right as “a Trudeau ” to hold the office of PM. He is divisive simply because he sees himself as being smarter and… Read more »


Right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy Lush

Well said AlbertaGirl, Shawn Harris and others.

tommy hawk

I have constantly referred to ‘him’ as the epitome of the ‘Manchurian Candidate,’ created from the moment of understanding, by daddy, to be what he is — merely a intellectual robot who has no individual personality but, rather, simply responds to outside stimuli — and his ‘so-called’ abilities are merely representative of anyone either drunk or on drugs — a mental stupor wherein he is led by and responds to the stimuli that attracts his personality.