Breaking: Toronto Police Confirm 9 People Are Dead, 16 Injured After Toronto Attack

Police confirmed the death toll in a briefing.

Toronto Police have confirmed that 9 people are dead, and 16 injured after the Toronto attack.

There were numerous bodies covered by tarps at the scene, and a paramedic who was on the scene said there appeared to be multiple fatalities, which has now been confirmed.

After the briefing, the Deputy Chief of the Toronto Police Service and Toronto Mayor John Tory left without taking any questions.

The attack suspect is in custody, and police have not yet released his name, or any stated motive for the attack.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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bj stewart

WHY ????????????? A world gone mad.


We all know where he got the idea to drive a truck on a sidewalk to kill people.

Stephen Lovatt

I’m so mad as should we all be, my blood is boiling! Trudeau continues to nurture this barbaric ideology in our beautiful peace loving nation!

Brian Dougan

He should have been shot to death. Doubt if he’d still be breathing if this happened in the states. Now–He’ll go to “trial.” It will drag on for a long time. Finally; he’ll be deemed “criminally insane.” Life imprisonment? C’mon; this is Canada. Fifteen to twenty years behind bars, and then you’re released. We have no justice system; it’s rigged in favor of the aggressor. Nine people murdered on a sidewalk. Welcome to Trudope’s Canada. Even if he’s not a Muslim (convert?); he copied the multi-cult Islam birthed tragedies in Europe. In the interests of innocent before proven guilty–I suppose… Read more »