BREAKING: Toronto Attack Suspect Identified As Alek Minassian

Multiple news sources have identified the attack suspect as Alek Minassian.

In the wake of the Toronto attack, multiple news organizations are reporting that the Toronto attack suspect has been identified as 25-year-old Alek Minassian.

This was first reported by US news organizations, citing law enforcement sources:

CBS News says their “sources identified the suspect as Alek Minassian, 25.”

A photo of Minassian is below:

Alek Minassian

It is now being reported by Canadian media:

“Sources told CTV’s Mercedes Stephenson that the suspect is Alek Minassian.”

Online, some people are questioning why American media has reported this before Canadian media did.

When it comes to the issue of motive, Reuters reports that the attack is being investigated as terrorism:

“Terrorism is the leading theory about motive for Toronto van attack, says U.S. security source”

More details as they emerge…

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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alan skelhorne

come on fernando, it was mr. scheer who stood up first in the big house, then mr. prissypants followed suit. now cbs was the first to report the guys name. lol. and your fans ask how come. simply put, 2or3 months ago i read it on here , if any thing in canada this major, no media can report on it until mr. prissypants okays it. lol. really an american gives us the idiots name. while we are still the laughing stock of the world. this prick shouldn,t go to jail. this prick should be namged right away. who cares… Read more »

steve richards

How is ‘Trudy’ AKA Mr. Dressup going to spin this one when he gets home from his latest holiday……. he must have been a pro pipeline person who was confused and uninformed that we are doing “everything we can do” to get the pipeline…..hold on….yes that’s it and Harper told him to do it………..yeah. Seriously did we not see this coming. Edmonton last year and now Toronto. It is time to start calling your MLA’s, MP’s and even municipal people and make your voice heard. I fear Canada is a lost cause already between the debt and the immigrants… Read more »


I have and I will continue to urge my MP and MPPs to smarten the hell up and push
these points re: immigration in caucus sessions. We tell them if they won’t we won’t vote
for them. Simple.


I a starting to think death sentence is the proper option.

Ron Voss

“Terrorism is the leading theory about motive for Toronto van attack, says U.S. security source”. Meanwhile Goodale downplays that possibility.

Mel Kozun

OK Spencer …. it’s Alek Minassian … What other #CREDIBLE information do you have on him???

There’s lots of innuendo and supposition out there, but NO CREDIBLE FACTS!!!!!

Everything from “he arrived 6 months ago to he’s been attending local schools since as far back as 2011” ….. Where’s the TRUTH????