Video: Authorities Hold Press Conference After Toronto Attack

Death toll from vicious attack has risen to 10.

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders, Toronto Mayor John Tory, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale held a press conference to provide updates after the Toronto attack.

At the press conference, it was announced that the death toll had risen to 10.

The authorities are claiming that there is no link to terrorism established at this time, though Saunders said nothing has been ruled out at this point.

The press conference little information that was actually new, and included a confusing mistake. Saunders said the name of the attacker was ‘Alex Minassian.’ However, the actual name of the suspect is ‘Alek Minassian.’

The Toronto Police cleared up the confusion on Twitter:

It is expected that more details will be released when investigators hold a briefing.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gerry Herbert Oliphant

What phobia would Trudeau label this?

tommy hawk


Ron Voss

With Wynne standing beside the police chief I doubt that you are going to get a straight answer.

Harry Burgler

Anyone find it strange that when the hijab hoax happened Trudeau was right there saying it`s discrimination against Muslims? Yet for this he only gives his condolences. Does that mean at first he was worried it might be a Muslim extremest? Although he does not appear Muslim he can still be an extremist that idolizes Islam, and I`m not saying he is as we don`t know that yet. But bottom line he is still a terrorist because what he did was an act of terrorism. My heart goes out to the families of the victims, I just couldn`t imagine the… Read more »

Frances Gruno

I agree Harry It was an act of terror but weather or not it is related to Islam we will never know because it will be covered up. People are tired of these migrants and open borders not to mention all the crime we’ve had since it started so you can be sure we’ll be told he was ill or it was an accident as in losing control of the van. Since so many people have died it may very well be carried on the USA channels and we’ll find out the who/why/ & what religion he is.


Should be an immediate death sentence and burial … and no name ever mentioned … take away the notoriety and the next nut-job won’t bother trying to get his five minutes of “fame” …


Pardon my cynicism but I wonder if we will be told the truth of the driver’s loyalties…already a witness at the scene said the suspect did yell “Allah Akbar”…but unless there is a recording this of course cannot be substantiated…this I read on Twitter…

tommy hawk

This truly cannot be seen as a ‘surprise,’ other than the date and location. This is the ‘preferred method of attack’ and has proven successful around the globe.

Yes, I realize there must and will be a ‘full investigation’ before any official decision is forthcoming.

But let’s not forget that since the value of such attacks has been proven effective all over Europe, did we truly believe we were not ‘on the list,’ particularly with Trudeau at the helm? If you truly believed that, perhaps you should get some professional help.