Video: Toronto Attack Suspect Arrested By Police

The suspect held out what appeared to be a gun as police moved in.

Videos have emerged of the Toronto attack suspect being arrested by police.

In the first two videos, the suspect can be seen brandishing what appeared to be a gun (some witnesses have said it was actually a cell phone the suspect wanted to appear as a gun) as police moved in.


The next video shows the suspect being arrested by police:

Toronto Police have not yet revealed details on charges or motive in relation to the attack.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Dan Jones

Guilty give him the Electric Chair Not free room and board for life


Media reports seem to block out the face of the man arrested…. why ???


Another Truck of Peace! Aloha snackbar!


And guess where the terrorist comes from: SYRIA. He was already knows by the Canadian, American and Ontario authorities as a potential terrorist.

Bob Hayward

It is quite obvious who did this. All that needs to be said is what country he is from….