Why Is The Trudeau Government Hiding Carbon Tax Cost From Canadians?

The Trudeau government promised “openness and transparency,” yet the Conservatives are having to try and force the government to reveal what the carbon tax will actually cost our country.

Justin Trudeau, Catherine McKenna, and Bill Morneau have repeatedly failed to provide details on what the carbon tax will cost Canadians.

With the tax impacting our entire economy by making everything more expensive, it should be a no-brainer for the government to have the numbers on what it will cost us.

And, considering they explicitly ran on “openness and transparency,” those numbers should already have been released to Canadians.

Instead, the Trudeau government is hiding the cost from us.

As a result, the Conservatives are now having to try and force the Trudeau Liberals to reveal the cost of the carbon tax to Canadians.

According to the CP, “Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre will ask the House of Commons this week to force the government to show Canadians how much more they can expect to pay for gas, heat and groceries once every Canadian will be charged a $50 per tonne carbon tax.”

The report notes that government memos say “there is an analysis of the potential impact of a carbon price, based on household consumption data across different income levels.¬†However, he says the actual data from the analysis is blacked out.”

So, it seems the Trudeau government feels entitled to impose the carbon tax on us, without telling us what it’s going to cost us and what impact it will have on our lives and the national economy.

It shows the total arrogance in the Trudeau government, and their contempt for even the basics of accountability. And, it appears they may want to hide the fact that even the government knows the tax will hurt the economy.

“In refusing to provide the analysis done by the department of finance, the government says it can be withheld because it is either advice to government or information that can possibly harm the Canadian economy. ‘”If the knowledge of the cost of the carbon tax in itself would cause injury to the Canadian economy, then that cost must be even worse than we have imagined,”‘ said Poilievre.”

Keep in mind, the government has also been unable/refused to say exactly what impact the carbon tax will have on emissions.

At this point, it is now incredibly obvious that the carbon tax is a total scam.

That’s why they are hiding the cost. They know that the facts will reveal the damage it will do to our economy, and the money it will take out of our pockets – meanwhile doing nothing to alter global emissions.

That’s also why the Conservative effort to make the government reveal the cost of the carbon tax is so important. The government is supposed to work for us, and that can’t happen unless the government stops hiding the truth.

Spencer Fernando

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Ray Decorby

With Liberals and Climate change eco-terrorists, heavy handed ‘Low Carbon Governance’ need not be explained to the unwashed masses. The means justify the ends…

Miles Lunn

I think a carbon tax can be beneficial if its 100% revenue neutral which it was under the BC Liberals until they were removed from office last July as while there is a cost to the carbon tax, the gains from lower taxes elsewhere cancel it out. But if not revenue neutral it is harmful and my understanding is the Liberals could care less if it is revenue neutral or not. In fact parties on the left be it Notley, Horgan, or Dion favour a carbon tax for more government spending (Dion being in the centre at least did offer… Read more »

Ray Decorby

Seems Liberals and Eco-terrorists, with usual arrogance don’t need to explain or justify to Neanderthals and the unwashed masses, their rational for heavy handed “Low Carbon Governance”. Means justify the ends, in their minds.

Moe S.

Trudeau, our climate change Savior selling his climate change religion far and wide. Prophets McKenna and Morneau telling us to merely confess our carbon emission sins, and pay for forgiveness with cash, and we’ll all be saved from global warming purgatory. Hey, what’s a few hundred dollars per year per family? You’ll be saved.

Shawn Harris

The only way for all of Trudeau’s lies to come to end is for him to be removed from office. There isn’t one single policy announcement that he has given that is actually factual and true. There is no way that any tax can ever be considered revenue neutral, because, first off i am paying more for the same product or service and i am not getting more for having paid more. Also, why should i have to pay more , just to get a tax reduction?. All this is , is just a lie to justify making canadians pay… Read more »

Clive Edwards

Turdeau and the globalists are running a Trojan horse to involve Canada in what they hope is the emerging “carbon currency” scheme. This is pure evil, right up there with Agenda 21 which interlocks with “carbon currency”. Below are two links to an explanation of “carbon currency”.
I believe most of those protesting pipelines would be horrified to learn that they are being used as tools of global bankers and technocrats. Turdeau, however, is showing his true colours.

tommy hawk

“……hiding carbon tax costs from Canadians?”

Why not, they hide anything they can possibly hide from Canadians, otherwise their ultimate plan to destroy Canada would be more obvious that it is at present.