As Toronto Terror Attack Suspect Appears In Court, More Details Emerge

Alek Minassian has been charged with 10 counts of murder, and 13 counts of attempted murder.

Toronto terror attack suspect Alek Minassian appeared in court today, as some more details have emerged about him.

Minassian was charged with 10 counts of murder, and 13 counts of attempted murder.

It has been revealed that Minassian had a short-stint in the Canadian Forces, but was considered a ‘below-average recruit’ and left without completing his training.

There has also been some more information on the possible motive:

As reported by Reuters, “One possible clue to his motive emerged on Tuesday as Facebook confirmed Minassian said in a post before the incident that referenced an “incel rebellion,” a shorthand used in some online message boards for “involuntary celibacy.”’

The Toronto Star reported that “It is unclear whether Minassian was the author of the post.

Reuters also pointed out that the attack “had the hallmarks of deadly vehicle assaults by Islamic State supporters. But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said there was no reason to suspect any national security connection.”

At this point the motive has not yet been definitively confirmed by authorities.

First victim identified

The first victim of the Toronto terror attack has been identified. Anne Marie D’Amico worked at the investment company Investco.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, “according to Jordan Becker, who attended Ryerson University with her, the young woman would have graduated around 2010. “She was just the best,” Mr. Becker said. “My memories of her – it was all smiles and fun times. She was just always smiling.”’

Minassian remains in custody. His next court date is May 10.

Spencer Fernando

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Major Tom

It was Justin’s daddy that removed capital and corporal punishment from the Criminal Code of Canada…keeping in line with UN policy….
Now, if this slug is found guilty on all counts…..he may well be sentenced to 23 life servings of taxpayer funded meals, health and dental care plus 24 hour supervision……
Many of our seniors and veterans don’t even get that!
What a deal!

Tommy Hawk

The amount of ‘expert dialogue’ to call this anything except terrorism — instead, I just heard a new one — ‘this one is a grey-area one.’ I suppose if we can find enough ‘apologists,’ the titles could go on for years. If we go to the dictionary and the victims, perhaps we could actually find the real meaning of terrorism.

Enough/get tough

10 people dead, 15 in serious condition, and this is not a threat to national security?!