The Toronto Attack Should Be Called Terrorism

Regardless of the ideology or motive behind the attack, it was a terrorist act.

There has been a significant reluctance to refer to the Toronto attack as terrorism.

The government said it had no-link to “national security” (AKA a politically correct term for terrorism).

Most of the media has absurdly called it a “van attack,” as if it was a self-driving van that somehow decided to veer onto the sidewalk to hit innocent people.

Of course, the issue is that some reported experts are waiting to hear if the attack had a link to radical Islamism or some other ideology linked to past terrorist attacks.

And yet, the fact is that regardless of the ideology or the motive – which the authorities have not yet confirmed – the attack was certainly a terrorist act.

Individual people were terrorized and killed in a deliberate attempt by an individual to take innocent lives.

Refusing to use the word ‘terrorism’ is talking around the issue, and represents a total lack of common sense. Terrorism is about an act that terrorizes innocent people.

The fact that the attacker may have had mental issues doesn’t conflict with the idea of a terrorist act. After all, anyone who commits such a horrible act is clearly not right in the head, and the same holds true for other terrible attacks that have took place in Canada.

The attack on the Quebec mosque was a terrorist attack. The attack in Edmonton where a man with an ISIS flag in his vehicle ran down a police officer and pedestrians was a terrorist attack. And the attack in Toronto was a terrorist attack.

It’s time to get back to common sense and call things what they are.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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my thoughts exactly !!! call a spade a spade …

Tommy Hawk

The Liberals and the media will do all they can collectively and separately to keep from using the word ‘terrorism.’ After all, both Trudeau and his government tend to be overly sympathetic with terrorism and, indeed, feel that ‘huggy, touchy, feely’ attitudes will indeed be ‘the’ answer to all of the terrorism around the world.

‘Simple-mindedness 101.”

Mike hayes

That’s exactly right. The liberals are avoiding their ‘button words’ like the plague. But thinking Canadians – as opposed to the crap fed cattle- know the truth. The government does not have our backs. We’re on our own.


Totally agree with you Spencer. The reaction of the victims is what really define if it is a terrorist attack. On the other hand, ISIS has said very clearly that they will do terror in Canada in 2018. We are in April so I am not surprised. I dont think they will wait in December to do more. And of course their other ISIS friends are in Canada under Trudeau invitation. What it means for a lot of people is that they will stop going out or going to downtown Toronto and our economy will suffer even more that it… Read more »

Kevin Smith

If the federal Conservatives lose the next election, it will because they are not deemed compassionate enough. Please give me a break about calling this terrorism. Doing that only waters down what terrorism actually is. You are so out of touch with how people are feeling in the GTA. You would be more on the mark if you went after Wynne for not funding help for those with autism, aspergers, and Tourestte’s syndrome.


100% its a terrorist act, Anyone who sparks Terror in anyone is a terrorist. This guy sparked terror in a min of 25 people plus the onlookers and the media and the whole world. The only reason why its not being called a terrorist act is because the Liberals don’t want that on there record, they even went as far as saying it wasn’t premeditated which is a load of lies the guy rented a van to do it which clearly screams premeditated!!. I will never trust anything the Liberals ever say.

Dave Bainard

Sorry Spencer you missed an important item repeated ad nauseum by all the MSM. It was a WHITE van.
But then again they would emphasize a pocket knife as a machete if it fit a liberal agenda.


No. As the spin continues, it will be claimed the terrorist has mental health issues therefore isn’t capable of being responsible. He will just disappear out of sight.

Enough/get tough

It was 26 minutes of cold blooded savage slaughter of innocent, unsuspecting, wage earning pedestrians. Forget the perpetual, pathetic, pervasive pc talk. Canadian citizens are being murdered and politicians and the official media tell us not to worry?!


I agree it is terrorism, the young person had some agenda, did not care whose lives he destroyed and he should be charged as such. Wait, we have Lieberal separatists in government, maybe they can just give him a check if he is charged as a terrorist? They like terrorists, we need a good new government, a Canadian one to protect us. The Lieberals want more chaos in Canada, it seems to me.


F You!

alan skelhorne

not with mr. prissypants in charge, this country has open border policies, that means we are not a country anymore. tell me that i am wrong on that fernando.

Ed R Peebles

When you call the Act by the perp’s terminology , you are catering to their wishes and terms..You are furthering their sickness !

Ed P.

Clive Edwards

It certainly seems to have been a terrorist attack. Who did it? Who benefits? Is there any money trail to follow? As with all terrorist attacks, I keep an open mind about motive, since security services (FBI, MI5, RCMP) have in the past been proven to have run black flag operations in order to keep the “anti-terrorist” kettle boiling, as it were. Even the court in Victoria condemned the police for running the legislature pressure cooker attack not too long ago. FBI were implicated thoroughly in the first World Trade Centre attack, the train attack in London several years ago… Read more »

Ron Voss

The attack on the Quebec mosque was a terrorist attack. Sorry Spencer the police have never declared such.


It will be mental issues. That’s the story…..

Clive Edwards

Just call it what it is! Terrorism, not a mass casualty incident or van incident, it was Terrorism! Whether directly perpetrated by or inspired by it is still Terrorism.

Mel Kozun

“There has been a significant reluctance to refer to the Toronto attack as terrorism..” ….. Only by LW-SJW’s ….