The Toronto Attack Should Be Called Terrorism

Regardless of the ideology or motive behind the attack, it was a terrorist act.

There has been a significant reluctance to refer to the Toronto attack as terrorism.

The government said it had no-link to “national security” (AKA a politically correct term for terrorism).

Most of the media has absurdly called it a “van attack,” as if it was a self-driving van that somehow decided to veer onto the sidewalk to hit innocent people.

Of course, the issue is that some reported experts are waiting to hear if the attack had a link to radical Islamism or some other ideology linked to past terrorist attacks.

And yet, the fact is that regardless of the ideology or the motive – which the authorities have not yet confirmed – the attack was certainly a terrorist act.

Individual people were terrorized and killed in a deliberate attempt by an individual to take innocent lives.

Refusing to use the word ‘terrorism’ is talking around the issue, and represents a total lack of common sense. Terrorism is about an act that terrorizes innocent people.

The fact that the attacker may have had mental issues doesn’t conflict with the idea of a terrorist act. After all, anyone who commits such a horrible act is clearly not right in the head, and the same holds true for other terrible attacks that have took place in Canada.

The attack on the Quebec mosque was a terrorist attack. The attack in Edmonton where a man with an ISIS flag in his vehicle ran down a police officer and pedestrians was a terrorist attack. And the attack in Toronto was a terrorist attack.

It’s time to get back to common sense and call things what they are.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter