Watch: Moneybags Morneau Can’t Explain Why He’s Punishing Saskatchewan But Not B.C.

Total hypocrisy.

During a recent interview, Moneybags Morneau was asked by Evan Solomon to explain why he’s threatening to punish Saskatchewan for opposing the carbon tax, yet is refusing to punish B.C. for trying to block the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

In fact, not only has Morneau refused to punish B.C., but he and Trudeau rewarded the NDP government there with $4.1 billion in infrastructure funding.

The message they’ve sent is that there’s one standard for those who are against the job-killing carbon tax, and another standard for those who stand in the way of job creating pipelines.

It seems that in Trudeau and Morneau’s mind, people who want to protect prosperity and create jobs should be threatened with funding cuts, while governments who side with far-left radicals should get billions.

Of course, the government can’t admit that without exposing their whole sham ideology. So, they are left with no explanation at all, as seen by Morneau’s inability to justify it:

As Andrew Scheer said on Twitter, “Justin Trudeau’s Liberals can’t answer simple questions about their Carbon Tax and energy sector doublespeak. It’s time for Justin Trudeau to come clean with Canadians.”

We know that Trudeau won’t come clean, because deception is all he has left. He and Morneau can’t sell their real ideology to Canadians, so they have to hide it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Trudeau and Morneau do not understand that in the federal government, they are accessories, they dont own the federal government, they work on behalf of THE PEOPLE who are the government. The fact that Trudeau has destroyed 5,000 files of illegal immigrants is pure robbery from the government. He has committed a CRIME. Trudeau and Morneau are the SAFEKEEPERS, nothing more. If they cant protect the integrity and the Canadian citizens while occupying their posts, they are not doing their jobs. As they try to pursue they own personal beliefs through their roles they fail.

Rick Churchill

Taxpayers and job seekers alike will continue to suffer under this Draconian government. It is a betrayal of all Canadians, although those watching from outside the country must see Tweedle-Tru and Tweedle-Morn as an hysterically funny duo.

Tommy Hawk

This is all too typical of the Liberals, the Liberal government, and the Liberal, Morneau — so, in essence, there is nothing strange in this situation whatever — deceit and lying are the Liberal mantras — and, distressingly, they appear to be excessively proud of their record.

Clive Edward

There is something else at play here as well. When the federal government has offended Westerners in the past, succession movements have arisen. BC is being bribed and pressured to support Ottawa against any future move by Albertans to re-create a Western Separatist movement. As the saying goes in the game of chess, “Check!”


Ontario is almost destroyed it is so far in debt, and with all these new people arriving through Quebec’s unprotected border and being sent to broken Ontario.etc. If I was in Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba, I would be looking to separate from this huge Lieberal agenda, before you fail like Ontario is in this nasty Lieberal mess they have made here, get away before they destroy you also, as they are working hard to do so. It would make me feel safer if I could leave this kind of Canada behind. You would be much safer being on your own… Read more »