Reaction To Kanye West Tweets Shows How Terrified The Establishment Is Of Free Thinking

The establishment claims to love ‘diversity,’ until they see diversity of thought and demand total conformity.

Kanye West has been doing some serious free thinking on Twitter, refusing to hold back and sharing his thoughts with the world.

Here are some of his Tweets:

Predictably, the reaction from the pop culture establishment has been to question Kanye’s sanity, and unfollow him:

The hit-pieces on Kanye have also begun:

“Kanye on edge and hard to deal with” 

“New concerns for Kanye’s mental health after ‘outburst’

‘6 unsettling details about Kanye West’s behaviour’

Of course, those articles only came out after Kanye started sharing his opinions, and that timing shows exactly how coordinated it is.

The attempt to discredit Kanye West is a typical tactic used by the establishment, especially when someone refuses to ‘conform.’

This led to Kim Kardashian pushing back against the attempt to call Kanye’s mental health into question:

The establishment is terrified of free thinking

The establishment demands total conformity and allegiance to their way of thinking. As we can see with the reaction to Kanye’s tweets, anyone who ‘dares’ question that establishment narrative is subjected to hit-pieces and demonization/discrediting attempts.

We see this everywhere, as anyone who questions the establishment gets branded as a ‘racist,’ ‘fascist,’ and many other ‘ist’ terms. Ironically, attacking people for free thinking is exactly what fascists do, but that irony seems lost on the establishment.

Kanye West should be praised for his willingness to speak his mind and think for himself. He is sharing a positive message, and the attacks on that message and the attempt to discredit him shows how terrified the establishment is of free thinkers, and it shows how empty and false the narrow ideology of the establishment has become.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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