Refusal To Support Canadian Energy Independence Shows Radical-Left Ideology Has Taken Over Liberal Party Under Trudeau

It should be a no-brainer for every Canadian national political party to support energy independence for our nation. By refusing to do so, the Trudeau Liberals show they are in thrall to the radical-left.

During the recent Liberal convention, some reasonable members of their party brought forward a resolution calling for the party to support Canadian energy independence.

For a party that claims (emptily) that they support the energy industry, voting in favour of the energy independence resolution should have been the easiest thing in the world.

It should have passed with over 90%.

Instead, it was rejected.

As Don Braid said in the Calgary Herald, “The resolution came from the party’s Alberta section. It was eminently reasonable and responsible. But it wasn’t good enough to become Liberal doctrine. The winning resolutions focused on a guaranteed minimum income, decriminalization of consensual sex work and the sex trade, pharmacare, a Canadian Environmental Bill of Rights, and a good deal more. But the idea that Canadian oil and natural gas should fill all of Canada’s needs for oil and natural gas? Not a chance.”

As many people are realizing, the Liberals under Trudeau are something different than what they once were. Rather than trying to be a somewhat balanced party, the Trudeau Liberals have moved far to the left. The virtue-signalling, the identity politics, the favoring of foreign interests over national interests, all are examples of radical-left thinking.

We are now in the absurd situation of having a governing party that would rather our nation buy oil from countries like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, instead of making use of the resources we have here at home.Instead of supporting good jobs for our citizens, the Trudeau Liberals want us to make other countries rich while decimating our own energy industry.

That will make foreign oil-producing countries happy, but it’s bad news for the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Voss

Even Don Braid of the Calgary Herald, who generally is an apologist for the ‘progresuves’, can’t help but notice that “The resolution came from the party’s Alberta section. It was eminently reasonable and responsible. But it wasn’t good enough to become Liberal doctrine.” Although it was moving in that direction Trudeau rapidly moved the LPC to become the Leftist Party of Canada.


Just remember that Trudeau passed “Bail-in” legislation within weeks of being elected. In 2008 when Harper virtually saved Canada from financial ruin, Obama gave multi-billions to American Banks because they were “too big to fail”. Trudeau’s bail-in crap is just like that, except he won’t be throwing billions at Canadian banks, he has allowed them to take all our deposits and issue Bank shares. Who in their right mind except Liberals and NDP would accept shares in a failing Bank? Will the grocery store accept paper shares? Do you have any idea if the Bank staff have itemized your safe-deposit… Read more »

Ralph Knapp

The Liberal Party used to be a centre progressive party. Today, it seems further left than the NDP. It’s quite concerning for many Canadians to see this radical shift led by a drama teacher.


Of course it will make foreign oil and companies very very happy that they have the upper hand to exceed and promote their business and oil to the fullest seeing now that Canada, the third largest oil reserve in the world being succumbed to fear by reducing herself to the will of a bunch of oil users eco enviros instead of standing tall and proud of the majestic beauty of this country and the gifts of rich resources we have. If other countries and islands that do not have rich resources to sustain their homeland but tourism alone and nick… Read more »

Clive Edwards

Turdeau Sr. closed down Canadian financial independence by refusing to honour the Bank of Canada’s mandate of providing loans to government and interest back to Canadians. Instead, the compound interest goes to global bankers and doubles our national debt. Turdeau Jr. is doing the same thing by refusing to support Canada’s energy indepenbdence and buying our oil from foreigners at U.S. dollar world prices. Do you think the globalists own Canada? They do now. Selfie-boy is just the globalists who own us rubbing it in and laughing at us.

Bob Fry

Liberal Conference, acknowledge and support the Energy Industry, Not a Chance, I would have taken that bet. How do you get their attention, very simple do what Peter Lougheed did with the NEP, start turning down the taps, he reduced by 80,000 barrels per day, no reaction, shortly after turned the tap down further to 120,000 barrels per day,still no reaction, so to get Pierre Elliott Trudeau attention, the taps were turned down to 160,000 barrels per day. And that got the Federal Governments attention. If I was Rachel Notley immediately turn Off all flow of oil both East and… Read more »

Bob Fry

I will reaffirm my position that was once a conspiracy theory about Justin Trudeau / Gerald Butts being coached by the George Soros team. This is very obvious today with the Liberals passing Bills in the House of Commons that are only to the benefit of the far left Liberals. The free wheeling of spending and donating our taxpayer money to the Middle East is now over $ 5.4 Billion and counting.The lack of building infrastructures in our own country and finally not supporting pipeline projects. Having close to $87 Billion Dollars of new Energy projects leave Canada tells the… Read more »

Chaz Martel

No kidding. Are they just waking up now?