Trudeau Gives Canada Summer Jobs Money To Organizer Fighting Against Trans Mountain Expansion

They call it “free speech,” but Trudeau denied that free speech to faith groups when he forced them to sign a document going against their most deeply held beliefs or be stripped of funding.

It has been revealed that the Trudeau government is providing Canada Summer jobs funding to an ‘organizer’ fighting to block the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

As noted in a CBC report, “As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to vow that the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion “will be built,” his government’s summer jobs program is funding a position with an activist group working to stop the project.”

The job is with Dogwood B.C., and is about “working to help the group’s network “stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker project.” It notes the position is funded by the federal Canada Summer Jobs Program.”

Notably, Dogwood is linked to Tides, which is itself funded in part by George Soros.

The group says they were funded under the Harper government as well through the Canada Summer Jobs program. However, the fact that Trudeau is giving them taxpayers money is all the more hypocritical due to the fact that he stripped funding from faith groups that wouldn’t sign his ‘values test.’

The Trudeau government is calling this a “free speech” issue, which would actually be a reasonable defence of the funding – if they hadn’t denied that same free speech to Canadian faith organizations.

Now, we are seeing the true agenda of Trudeau’s Canada Summer Jobs program ‘values test.’ Radical-left groups get funding, while Canadian faith groups have their funding taken away.

Trudeau has taken a non-partisan program with support across the political spectrum, and turned it into a program that forces his radical ideology on the country.

It’s hypocritical and disgraceful, and it seems there’s no institution Trudeau won’t try and corrupt to acheive his selfish political goals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Shawn Harris

Kinder Morgan, who would follow closely what the federal government of Trudeau says and does, would be extremely disturbed by this revelation, because this totally undermines what Trudeau promised. Trudeau promised to get the pipeline built and now he is helping the very same groups of foreign funded NGOs that want to stop all pipelines from being built. This will for certain give Kinder Morgan every reason to want to cancel this entire project and invest their shareholders money in projects that have a greater chance of actually producing a return on their investment. Kinder Morgan will, for certain now… Read more »


I would rather have the oil spill than have bacteria flush toxic chemical and human waste on the lakes, rivers and shores where children roam then to fall sick and probably die from. Protesters are so dumb that they are destroying their country in order to help other countries develop their oil and succeed. What a bunch of idiots to throw away their own country prosperity for the sake of another instead of they telling Justin trudeau, Elizabeth May and others to ‘GO TO HELL AND FIND ANOTHER SUCKER BUT WE WILL NOT BEND TO YOUR WILL BY DESTROYING OUR… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

Trudeau does exactly what all tin-pot dictators do and that is to utilize his position to manipulate people to support him under the promise of monies which are not theirs to give. Taxation is one thing, but bribery is another — and I believe the C.C.C. considers bribery a criminal offence.


Dogwood Initiative, now changing their name to DogwoodBC, bragged about using Soros/Tides Canada and other foreign millions to illegally influence the voting in so many ridings that the Liberals ended up winning. Trudeau has ignored all efforts by the Senate to investigate this corruption and foreign influence. It is illegal for foreigners to be involved in Canadian elections yet Trudeau and Butts used Obama’s campaign team. It could very well be that the Liberal Government is illegal.


I really wish the CPC would call these degenerates out with their “women’s right” crap!
Murdering your child is not a “right” it has never been a “right” in Canada at all ever.
And it is revolting that these same reprobates not only claim to value free speech while punishing those that speak against abortion, but also demand that we pay for the ongoing slaughter of millions of kids.
It’s revolting.
Come on CPC grow a set will you

Miles Lunn

Ah but remember in Trudeau’s world, all Canadians are equal but some are more equal than others. According to him you can promote whatever viewpoint you want as long as it is a liberal one.