Trudeau Government Spending Taxpayer Dollars To Transport Illegal Border Crossers To Their ‘Preferred’ Destination

This will create an even bigger incentive for people to enter Canada illegally.

It is now beyond clear that the Trudeau government has no intention of stopping illegal border crossings.

Instead, they’re increasing the incentive to violate Canada’s borders.

According to report in the Toronto Star, “Starting next week, asylum-seekers arriving through the Canada-United States border could be fast-tracked to shelters and services in Ontario if that is their preferred destination.”

The report also notes “It’s not clear yet whether refugee claimants will be flown, bussed or sent on a train, but those who indicate, upon arrival, that they want to go to Toronto will soon be hustled out of Quebec.”

Think about that for a moment. ‘Preferred destination.’

Imagine how that will look to people thinking of crossing illegally. Not only do people who enter into Canada illegally get access to work permits, welfare payments, they are now able to start picking where they want to go, and then get transported there at the expense of Canadian taxpayers.

And imagine how someone waiting to enter Canada legally feels about this. They are trying to do things the right way, and their ‘reward’ is to be pushed further back in line, while the Trudeau government rewards those who are showing disrespect for Canada’s border.

This will only make it more tempting for people to enter Canada illegally, and it makes our border look like even more of a joke than it already did.

Because of the Trudeau government, those who show respect for our border get punished, while those who disrespect our border get rewarded – and Canadian taxpayers are paying the price.

Spencer Fernando

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Elizabeth Thorne

Maybe Canadians need to line the border and tell the illegals they may not enter Canada, our Prime Minister is a traitor and we are not going to allow them to break the law. Trudeau should be made to step down–he no longer represents Canadians.


I agree. I would bet that most of Canada does also.
Lets hear from the rest of Canada!


Oh yes welcome illegal people who mostly hate Canada especially Canadians, too many at once to even settle properly, just as the Conservatives have said. I just read an article on how many homeless people there are in Canada, and these numbers are gaining yearly and they feel they are not even locating half of them, they cannot even get help and most of them have tried several places. Canada is in major debt, and so are all the provinces, thanks to Lieberal/NDP separatist parties mismanagement of our economy and their foreign agenda.


I’d like an emergency debate . CPC must hold Liberals accountable in front of Canadians and on Hansard again and again.

Ralph Knapp

This what happens when you have a brain compromised Boy making illogical decisions that break all of our immigration rules and laws. He’s borrowing money to fund this travesty putting Canadians further into debt and helping outsiders instead of citizens. Canadians come last in Trudeau’s world,

Dan Jones

How much do these illegals receive in support?

Tracy Madden-Legall

I cannot say exactly how much money for sure but they get a free roof over their heads, access to free healthcare -food-and whatever money to support them for all the other needs- I know one refugee family of 7 soon to be 8. They receive $4700.00 a month between child tax benefit and welfare. They have been here 2 years, the mother cannot work due to health issues even though she is pregnant with her 8th child and the father does not speak English yet…. what does that tell you…

Conrad Mcgraw

I’d like to suggest that a groupe of lawyer makes a file of all the irregularities and crooked pass he did and that he doesn’t want to be accountable for. Everythings that shows him as a traytor to the country and impeach him or jail that traytor. You have a occasion to make yourself a very good name in doing so. Excuse my french

Kenneth Oblak

Trudeau is amending the law so that the so called refugees do not have to work. He is completely out of his mind.


Liberalism is a mental disorder …. proven over and over, day after day …


Certainly their must be some smart ass immigration lawyer who can put a stop to this criminal activity . How about some crowd funding . I think Quebec liberals are going to pay for this big time come the fall provincial election ! They are far to complicit in this.

Ivan Hawkes

Those who are foolish enough to support the LIEberal so called government will realize the repercussions of that support, eventually. When they wait in line forever for medical services because the service is way over burdened and going without sufficient money (because the LIEberals blew all the money). When their children sit in classrooms “stuffed” with kids because the education system is so over burdened and going without sufficient funds (because the LIEberals blew all the money). When Canadians live with fear of attacks by psychopath murderers because the LIEberals allowed anyone and everyone into Canada. Maybe then those who… Read more »

Dave Bainard

Will they have First Class seating on the bus?

Chris vrecko

Spencer, do we have to look at his picture? I see him and hear his voice and get so angry I start w the crappy chest pains.
What this creature is doing to this wonderful counntry is beyond imagination. Is there NO LAWYER willing to take this creature and his cohorts to court, he is a traitor, intent on turning this couuntry into worse then a 3rd world country.
There HAS to be action that can be taken, we can’t just watch the destruction of this country while we sit on our laurels.

Moe S.

Spencer, your absolutely right. In addition, Canadian Press reported a 128% increase in the number of illegal immigrates since last year. Since last year here are the costs to taxpayers to date: $74 million to reduce the backlog
$72 million over 2yrs. for Canadian Border Services
$10 million over 1yr. for RCMP Security Agency
$ 2 million over 1yr. to Canadian Security Intelligence Services
Trudeau causes the problem. Trudeau throws taxpayers money at the problem he created. His problem? He has NO credibility and NO competency!


If people are coming in from the US, they’re hardly refugees. They know their time is limited in the US due to Trump’s call to deport those who came in the back door. And rightfully so. Most of the people we will see cross our borders (from the US) come not because they are persecuted in their own countries but because they want a better life. Accepting anyone to Canada without vetting them? That’s unconscionable. And dangerous.

Clive Edwards

The more refugees, the more Turdeau has to borrow from the global bankers. For every dollar he borrows, we will end up spending at least another dollar in compound interest, and that is payable to, well, not Canadians. That is why Turdeau Sr. tore up the Bank of Canada’s mandate in favour of using global bankers, after a meeting of one of the Bilderberg clubs.

Tommy Hawk

This cannot be considered a ‘surprise,’ unless someone has been sleeping.

It’s real name is ‘vote buying,’ which is illegal — unless you are a Trudeau.


What the hell is this P.M. allowing, sent these people to Westmount in Montreal or Forest Hill in Toronto and areas nearby and see how long they can stay there. This is a disgrace, my Brother in Law who is a licenced MD and Pediatrician in Germany who wanted to migrate to Canada and it would take at least 4 years for all thing to be completed as per the Immigration offices in Canada , plus all his Schooling would have be update as per Canada’s requirements. It appears now that you have to Brown and from the middle East,… Read more »