Trudeau Government Spending Taxpayer Dollars To Transport Illegal Border Crossers To Their ‘Preferred’ Destination

This will create an even bigger incentive for people to enter Canada illegally.

It is now beyond clear that the Trudeau government has no intention of stopping illegal border crossings.

Instead, they’re increasing the incentive to violate Canada’s borders.

According to report in the Toronto Star, “Starting next week, asylum-seekers arriving through the Canada-United States border could be fast-tracked to shelters and services in Ontario if that is their preferred destination.”

The report also notes “It’s not clear yet whether refugee claimants will be flown, bussed or sent on a train, but those who indicate, upon arrival, that they want to go to Toronto will soon be hustled out of Quebec.”

Think about that for a moment. ‘Preferred destination.’

Imagine how that will look to people thinking of crossing illegally. Not only do people who enter into Canada illegally get access to work permits, welfare payments, they are now able to start picking where they want to go, and then get transported there at the expense of Canadian taxpayers.

And imagine how someone waiting to enter Canada legally feels about this. They are trying to do things the right way, and their ‘reward’ is to be pushed further back in line, while the Trudeau government rewards those who are showing disrespect for Canada’s border.

This will only make it more tempting for people to enter Canada illegally, and it makes our border look like even more of a joke than it already did.

Because of the Trudeau government, those who show respect for our border get punished, while those who disrespect our border get rewarded – and Canadian taxpayers are paying the price.

Spencer Fernando

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