Video: Evading Responsibility Again, Trudeau Tries Blaming Border Crisis On Harper Government

Despite the fact that government documents revealed Trudeau’s irresponsible tweet led to a huge surge in illegal border crossings, Justin Trudeau is once again trying to blame everything on the Harper government.

Refusing to take responsibility for anything has become one of the hallmarks of Justin Trudeau’s time in office.

The more the scandals pile up, and the more he feels under pressure, the more Trudeau blames things on others.

Now, he’s even trying to blame the escalating illegal border crossing crisis on the previous Harper government.

When he was challenged by Andrew Scheer in Question Period on the border crisis, Trudeau tried deflecting blame by saying the Harper government spent less money on the border than he did.

Trudeau is ignoring the fact that more spending isn’t always a good thing. He’s also ignoring the fact that a strong border is in large part a psychological thing, since the perception of tough border laws that are actually being enforced will stop many people from even trying to cross illegally, whereas an approach that is weak and refuses to respect the border (Trudeau’s approach), will encourage more and more people to cross illegally regardless of whether there is more ‘spending’ or not.

Trudeau has repeatedly sent a message that crossing the border illegally will be rewarded. Illegal border crossers get work permits, welfare, and now Trudeau is helping bring to their ‘preferred’ destination at taxpayer expense.

And yet, he still tries blaming the Conservatives. His lack of taking responsibility shows weakness and desperation, and it’s an embarrassment.

Watch the Scheer-Trudeau exchange over the border crisis below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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