Ford Promises Commission Of Inquiry Into Deficit Scandal

Ontario budget deficit nearly twice as big as Wynne government said it would be.

In the wake of the revelation by the Ontario Auditor General that the Wynne Liberals were massively low-balling the budget deficit, Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford has promised a Commission of Inquiry into the deficit scandal.

Here’s what Ford said on Twitter:

“Once again, the Liberals used accounting tricks to hide a $5 billion deficit. As Premier, I will initiate a full end-to-end independent commission of inquiry, whose mandate is to get to the bottom of the deficit scandal and propose solutions to the deficit problem.”

Ford’s promise of a commission of inquiry is a good idea, since even a usual audit isn’t enough. There appears to be a pattern of deliberate political deception under the Wynne government, and the entire process that leads to such massive dishonesty needs to be looked into.

After all, the total low-balling of the budget deficit wasn’t a mistake due to changes in economic growth or an unforeseen crisis. As the Auditor General pointed out, the government simply left out information – allowing them to make the deficit look smaller.

If the people can’t trust the financial numbers put forth by the government, then nothing that government says can be trusted. Doug Ford is taking a step in the right direction to ensure that some trust can be restored.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ron Werner

The only issue with all this political jousting is not a bloody thing will come of it should it be found that Wynne was dealing improperly or even illegally. She will never see jail time, she will never see consequences of any kind. Such is the political world, coated in teflon when you take office.
And the people are still left holding the bag.


It would be wise for Ford to state that there will be no deleted files, no damages or replaced computers, no paper shredded until investigations are done. Don’t destroy evidence or you go to jail and risk loss of pension on top of lawyer fees.