Hypocrite Horgan Falls In Polls, Majority Of B.C. Residents Support Trans Mountain Expansion

Horgan pays the price for letting his political agenda be dictated by the radical-left.

John ‘Hypocrite’ Horgan is paying a political price for his attempt to block the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

According to a new Mainstreet Research poll, Horgan and the NDP have fallen behind the pro-pipeline BC Liberals (not the same as the federal Liberal party).

The BC Liberals are at 36.8%, the BC NDP are at 34.8%, the BC Greens are at 15.7%, and the BC Conservatives are at 11.4%.

Trans Mountain expansion has majority support

Horgan’s falling poll numbers can be explained by the fact that a majority of BC residents support the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

According to the poll, 54.8% say they support it, while just 38.7% oppose it.

The poll also found that a full 48.2% of BC residents “are now less likely to vote for the NDP because of Horgan’s opposition to the pipeline,” while 37.1% say it makes them more likely to vote for the Horgan NDP.

Horgan has also faced criticism for his total hypocrisy, as he’s simultaneously threatening to sue Alberta for wanting to send more oil through the pipeline expansion, and also threatening to sue them for passing legislation to restrict the flow of oil to BC.

Additionally, he’s said nothing about stopping a pipeline being built by the Vancouver Airport Authority in order to import foreign fuel.

Hypocrite Horgan is going against what the majority of BC residents want, and that’s always a bad position for any politician to be in. That’s why Horgan needs to stop opposing the pipeline and get out of the way.

Read the full poll here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter