McKenna’s ‘Solution’ To Trans Mountain Crisis? A Scientific Advisory Panel

When governments want to look like they’re doing something without actually doing something, they create a commission or a panel.

The weak approach of the Trudeau government to handling the Trans Mountain crisis continues.

As they keep refusing to take a tough stance against the BC NDP (while still threatening Saskatchewan for opposing the carbon tax), the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is getting closer and closer to being ‘delayed to death.’

Now, environment minister Catherine McKenna is proposing a ‘solution’ to the crisis:

A scientific advisory panel.

In a letter to the B.C. NDP environment minister, McKenna said“Should your government wish to further collaborate on science, we could consider establishing a joint Scientific Expert Advisory Panel.”

Yeah, that’ll do it…

Even the fact that McKenna is writing a letter trying to placate and make concessions to the B.C. NDP shows how the Trudeau Liberals are unwilling to take clear steps to get the pipeline project completed.

Note how Saskatchewan only got threats, while the B.C. NDP gets offers.

Creating a commission or a ‘panel’ is something governments do when they want to give the appearance of action without actually taking any action.

That’s what’s happening here, and McKenna is simply continuing the same Trudeau government approach that led to this crisis in the first place.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Susan Scriver

I take back anytime I called her climate Barbie! She is not as smart as a plastic doll



Why throw good money after bad, they are just wasting time and money play acting, while we are spending a fortune on this bad acting that these actors and actresses do while flying from Canada to Peru and wastefully back to Canada to pretend and do nothing, then fly off to another wasteful meeting, heavily polluting, that they say they are jokingly trying to fix by collecting more carbon tax and borrowing more money for their wasteful trips McKenna .must have some friends that are acting as scientists to give us pretend results that again will waste more money from… Read more »


I’m wondering what laws the Liberal government is contravening and if the Liberal Party of Canada can be sued for sponsoring the MPs that are part and parcel to the absurdities; example, around the TMP obstructions and the funding of Dogwood pipeline opponents via Canada Summer Jobs program. At the same time the government is refusing grants to those who won’t declare agreement with Liberal govt values. How authoritarian is Trudeau? Very! As his support sags he becomes more autocratic. Trudeau’s behaviour reminds me of Castro and other authoritarian dictators. Democracy is supposed to protect against autocratic rulers. I wonder… Read more »

Shawn Harris

McKenna would now have us believe that a scientific panel is the answer to the Trudeau created pipeline crisis, a pipeline that was already approved by the Trudeau government. Trudeau must think that all canadians and especially Kinder Morgan are just plain too stupid to see the deceitful in your face hypocrisy that his Liberal government is putting on display for everyone to see. Trudeau has from the beginning of his term in office very much wanted to kill off the oil industry and has managed to kill off every pipeline but this one and had only approved it for… Read more »


Trudeau is trying to finish what his old man tried to do -that is destroy Canada.

Chris vrecko

The only reason they keep putting everything to comittee is because they are mentally inept! They don’the know anything so better have someone figure it out for them.

Kim Bruce

Pseudo-science…That’s all the Liberal and NDP minds know…SURE! This oughta work~!