The Federal Government Is Glad To Take Alberta’s Wealth, While Seeking To Wreck The Source Of That Wealth

As a result of this fundamental unfairness, anger towards the ‘equalization’ system is rising, according to a new poll.

A new survey shows that Albertans are increasingly angry at the equalization program, and with good reason.

In a poll conducted by state-broadcaster CBC, it was shown that “60 per cent of Albertans feel that no matter who’s in charge in Ottawa, other parts of Canada will always be looked after first. In fact, 70 per cent of survey participants said that Canada’s system of equalization payments is unfair to Albertans. Only seven per cent of respondents strongly disagreed with the statement.”

This rising anger towards the equalization system and Alberta’s place within Canada is 100% justified.

The same politicians and elites who are trying to wreck Canada’s energy industry are glad to take the billions in equalization payments generated by that very same industry.

It’s like they treat Alberta as a cow they keep on milking, even as they seek to starve it.

As I said on Twitter, “Imagine if somebody demanded that you keep working harder and harder, took more and more of your money, and then deprived you of the ability to earn that money in the first place, while still taking it from you. No wonder anger is growing in Alberta.”

Alberta is being asked to take all the costs of being part of Canada, while the benefits get blocked.

For example, the national government is supposed to be able to get infrastructure approved, so landlocked provinces like Alberta can get their resources to market. That’s part of being in a country that works.

Yet, Alberta keeps getting bled dry of the wealth generated by their resources, while the federal government fails to ensure that the infrastructure to help sell those resources is in place.

And to add to the anti-Alberta absurdity, the BC NDP are claiming that they can sue to stop Alberta from sending more oil into the province, while also claiming they can sue Alberta for sending less oil into the province. The BC NDP are insanely claiming the right to control what Alberta does with their resources.

Meanwhile the Trudeau government is crushing the coal industry, imposing carbon taxes and regulations that are destroying billions in oil industry investment, and are willing to step in and bail-out Bombardier, while doing nothing to help the energy industry in Alberta.

For all those reasons, the anger in Alberta is 100% justified. It’s time for all of Canada, and particularly the federal government, to realize how much Alberta has done for our country, and start showing Alberta some respect. That means getting pipelines approved quickly, getting rid of the carbon tax, and reworking the equalization program so Alberta stops getting fleeced.

If we want to preserve and strengthen Canadian unity, that’s what must be done.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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