Waste: The Trudeau Government Bought 31,000 Smartphones In March

Instead of saving leftover money or returning it to the taxpayers, they blew it all on a bunch of phones.

Justin Trudeau says Veterans are asking for too much.

Yet, the supposedly ‘cash-strapped’ federal government bought 31,000 smartphones in March alone.

The money was ‘left over,’ having not been spent during the fiscal year up until that point. So, instead of allocate it towards departments that could use more money (Veterans Affairs, Defence), or instead of returning it to the taxpayers, the government blew all of it on tens of thousands of smartphones instead.

The practice is called ‘March Madness,’ where government departments spend all previously unspent department funds – just for the sake of spending it.

‘March Madness’ was banned by Tony Clement when he was the Treasury Board President in the Conservative government, though some bureaucrats arrogantly ignored the order. Now, the Trudeau government has brought it back with a vengeance.

According to a recent report, “Twenty-seven departments and agencies participated in the bulk order last month, which was valued at $21.5 million, taking into account a $6 million volume discount from Bell Mobility. Android devices, such as the Samsung S7 and S8 smartphones, made up about 80 per cent of the order. About 20 per cent was for iOS devices — Apple iPhones. Three departments — Privy Council Office, Industry and SSC — together ordered 1,800 iPhone 8 models.”

The final order cost $23 million when ‘accessories’ were included.

So, not only did the government buy tens of thousands of smartphones, but they’re buying some of the newest, most expensive phones they can get, showing contempt for the taxpayers who are really paying the bills.

As Clement said, “This is an ongoing cultural issue in Ottawa where, when March 31 occurs, people use it as an opportunity to access the taxpayers’ piggy bank and initiate a bonanza. This thing spreads like wildfire through the whole bureaucracy … They just spend the money because they can.”

This is why we need actual punishments for wasting taxpayer dollars. Participating in the ‘March Madness’ binge should be a firing offense for top bureaucrats, as only a strong hand and real consequences will send the message that taxpayers must be respected.

There should also be a far better system of accountability when taxpayer dollars are spent. The technology exists to make sure that everything bought on the taxpayers credit card can be instantly uploaded to a public website in real-time. Aside from a few sensitive departments (national security for example), there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to see exactly what is being spent as it’s being spent.

After all, it’s our money the Trudeau government is spending, and we have the right to know exactly what it’s being used for.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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