Watch: Morneau Refuses To Reveal What Carbon Tax Will Cost Average Canadian Family

What right does he have to impose a tax on Canadians when he won’t even say how much it will cost us?

The Parliamentary Budget Officer recently revealed that the carbon tax will cost the Canadian economy $10 billion due to lower GDP growth.

However, we still don’t know how much the carbon tax will cost the average Canadian family.

After all, in addition to the overall tax, it makes everything else more expensive, as producing products and transporting products now has a higher cost.

So, considering that Canadians are already cash-strapped, we need to know how much the economy-damaging carbon tax will take out of our pockets.

Apparently however, Bill Morneau doesn’t think we deserve to know that information.

When Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre demanded to know how much this will cost Canadians, Morneau repeatedly refused to answer the question, and condescendingly ‘pivoted’ to weak talking points.

Watch the video below:

How can we accept the government having the authority to impose a tax on us when they won’t even tell us what it costs?

And, considering all the previous deceptions from the Trudeau government, and the fact that the government keeps refusing to tell us the truth about the carbon tax, we can expect that the cost to our pocketbooks will be severe.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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