Ford Pledges Hydro Rate Reduction

Rates will be cut 12% says Ford.

Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford says he will reduce Hydro rates by 12%.

The rate cut will be in addition to the 25% cut made by the Wynne government.

According to the CP, “The Tory plan would see the government give ratepayers the dividends it gets from its share of the partially privatized Hydro One.”

In a series of statements, Ford gave details of the plan on Twitter:

“After fifteen years of the Wynne Liberals letting hydro insiders and executives get rich off the people’s hydro bills, it is time for change. My friends, relief is on its way. I am going to put more money in your pocket, and this is how I am going to do it.”

“The FIRST thing we’re going to do is return all Hydro One dividends to Ontario families, lowering your hydro bill. That money should be in your pocket, not the government’s.”

“The SECOND thing we’re going to do is stop the Liberal practice of burying the price tag for conservation programs on your hydro bills.”

“The THIRD thing we’re going to do is cancel Liberal energy projects that are in the pre-construction phase. We will also begin re-negotiating other energy contracts and declare a moratorium on new energy contracts.”

“Together these three measures will save an average family $173 per year on their hydro bills. That’s  12% savings — on the average family’s hydro bill. Change is coming and relief is on its way for the people!”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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