LOL: McKenna Calls Climate Change $30 Trillion “Opportunity,” Refers To Opposition As “The Conservative Government”

A tough QP for McKenna, who continues to hide what the carbon tax will cost Canadian families.

It looks like Catherine McKenna is having a tough time defending the carbon tax in Question Period.

The government recently released a document that contained the cost of the carbon tax for Canadian families.

Except, the part showing the cost was redacted, totally blacked-out.

When Pierre Poilievre asked McKenna to tell Canadians the number included in that document, she tried to deflect to her talking points.

It didn’t go well.

First, she made the outrageous claim that the economic cost of climate change to Canadians by 2020 will be $5 billion, while saying the economic opportunity would be $30 trillion. So, McKenna wants us to believe that the possible economic opportunity for Canada from climate change by 2020 is bigger than the entire US economy?


Then – perhaps predicting the future – McKenna referred to the opposition as “the Conservative government.”


Watch McKenna’s tough QP below:

At every step of the way, Poilievre asked straightforward, common-sense questions. McKenna responded with mangled talking points, avoiding the truth every time.

McKenna’s outrageous stats and deflection reveal yet again that the Trudeau carbon tax is a total scam, and the government can’t justify it on any logical grounds. They want to fleece Canadian taxpayers with a massive tax grab, and hide behind the environment while doing it.

It’s also indicative of the increasingly dictatorial attitude of the Trudeau government. They want to reach into our pockets and take our money, without giving us any transparency or any details. That kind of arrogance, entitlement, and secrecy is not acceptable in a democracy, and it must be defeated in 2019.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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