58% Of Canadians Now Disapprove Of Justin Trudeau

His net approval rating is now -25 according to new Forum Research Poll.

More and more Canadians disapprove of Justin Trudeau, and his net approval rating has collapsed.

According to a new Forum Research poll, 33% of Canadians approve of Trudeau, while 58% disapprove, the highest his disapproval rate has reached during his time in office.

Trudeau’s net approval is now -25.

By contrast, Scheer’s approval rating is 31%, while 29% disapprove, giving him a net approval rating of +2. The rest say they don’t know whether they approve or disapprove of Scheer.

Jagmeet Singh’s numbers are worse, with 24% saying they approve of him, and 39% saying they disapprove, giving him a net disapproval rating of -15.

When it comes to who would be the best Prime Minister, Trudeau has fallen behind Scheer. 25% say Scheer would be the best, while 24% pick Trudeau. That’s an ominous position for a sitting PM to be in, and it points to the clear erosion in Trudeau’s support.

There are more bad numbers for Singh, with just 8% picking him as best PM. He even trails Elizabeth May on that question, as 12% pick May.

Big opportunity for Scheer

Justin Trudeau’s lies are wearing thin, and Canadians are tired of being deceived over and over again. With the mood for change growing and more people turning against Trudeau, Andrew Scheer has a big opportunity. With about 40% of Canadians saying they haven’t made up their mind, if he is able to define himself positively for Canadians, he will be able to take advantage of Trudeau’s falling support.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube