58% Of Canadians Now Disapprove Of Justin Trudeau

His net approval rating is now -25 according to new Forum Research Poll.

More and more Canadians disapprove of Justin Trudeau, and his net approval rating has collapsed.

According to a new Forum Research poll, 33% of Canadians approve of Trudeau, while 58% disapprove, the highest his disapproval rate has reached during his time in office.

Trudeau’s net approval is now -25.

By contrast, Scheer’s approval rating is 31%, while 29% disapprove, giving him a net approval rating of +2. The rest say they don’t know whether they approve or disapprove of Scheer.

Jagmeet Singh’s numbers are worse, with 24% saying they approve of him, and 39% saying they disapprove, giving him a net disapproval rating of -15.

When it comes to who would be the best Prime Minister, Trudeau has fallen behind Scheer. 25% say Scheer would be the best, while 24% pick Trudeau. That’s an ominous position for a sitting PM to be in, and it points to the clear erosion in Trudeau’s support.

There are more bad numbers for Singh, with just 8% picking him as best PM. He even trails Elizabeth May on that question, as 12% pick May.

Big opportunity for Scheer

Justin Trudeau’s lies are wearing thin, and Canadians are tired of being deceived over and over again. With the mood for change growing and more people turning against Trudeau, Andrew Scheer has a big opportunity. With about 40% of Canadians saying they haven’t made up their mind, if he is able to define himself positively for Canadians, he will be able to take advantage of Trudeau’s falling support.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Uppermost in the minds of Canadians should be the thought that any vote for any Liberal is a vote for Trudeau and his court jesters. Canada must abandon this Liberal Party. It is not the party of Lester Pearson, the last respectable Liberal leader. It is, more of a socialist party with a narcissistic/mafia bent. The Liberal MPs are nothing short of bobbleheads. To say, “I don’t like Turdo,” is not good enough. Canadians must determine that they don’t want the Liberal or NDP parties to represent them and therefore reject their Liberal candidates regardless of good looks, worldly experience… Read more »

Mary-Ann Whittaker

Agree with you 100% Bruce ! This is good news for Andrew Scheer at this point but as you said, no matter how good a Liberal MP is we can’t vote for them. We have to go for the PC candidates that are running in the electoral districts across Canada if we want to get rid of Trudeau.


Best news I’ve heard today ❤️ Thankyou Fernando

Shawn Harris

Andrew Scheer needs to keep up the pressure on Trudeau, because so far it is working. The contrast between Trudeau and Scheer is like night and day. Trudeau has finally been exposed for all to see as the deceitful and arrogant PM that he is. Scheer meanwhile has been the example of what it is to be a Pm in waiting, sure of his knowledge, in tune with the public and approachable. Scheer has listened to the public and has exposed the failings, deceit, and destruction Trudeau and his Liberal team has caused for all Canadians. Whereas, Trudeau has tried… Read more »

Barbara Aiken

Very well said ! I agree 100%

Ron Voss

What’s wrong with the other 40%? They have to stop imbibing what’s offered by the CBC.



Cor Mal

Keep publishing these stats, Spencer. Canadians need to wake up and realize before it`s too late that Trudeau wants to destroy our country. I wish he could be removed BEFORE 2019 elections. Andrew Scheer has proven in Parliament that he can stand up to the Liberals. He just doesn`t have enough votes to veto so many motions that get passed because the Liberals HAVE to vote Trudeau`s way or else. Kudos to Me Simms the Liberal who voted with Conservatives re Attestation. Hope he becomes a Conservative.


Turdeau Is a complete Fool,and a danger to Canada

Dave Smith

Sincere question: If Doug Ford & Ontario PC Party win with a super majority & trudeau’s numbers continue to tank; is a no confidence vote feasible ?


Only 58%? What’s the matter with the rest, they don’t follow any news or just the liberal propaganda source, cbc?


Maybe they do follow the news believing all is well and nothing to worry about this is the media’s ‘art of brainwashing’, until such time those people awake and when they do and find they have been lied too all hell will break loose against the lying media and Trudeau Gov.

Roy Elsworth

great but I want to know what the polls show with where the conservatives are are they 10 points ahead of the liberals or are they barley ahead . it was about 2 months ago that 3 polls ahd the conservatives from 5 to 10 points ahead. i want to know if that is still the Case.

Tim Rutkevich

I believe it has a lot to do Justin’s demonic defense of the abortion policy, that excludes churches and religious organizations from getting student grants for youth employment due to conscientious disapproval of abortion. By making it a red line, Trudeau have indicated to the people that he is part of and approves “spiritual wickedness in high places”


That same poll also says that 43 % support the Conservatives which, if an election were held today, would translate into 207 seats in parliament vs the Liberals with 30% (women and Maritimes) with 100 seats.


That same poll also says that 43% support the Conservatives which would translate into 207 seats in parliament, a clear majority government,if an election was held today. Liberals would be reduced to 100 seats ,down 84 seats.


Keep it up CANADA, let’s get hay numberninto the high 80’s

Chris vrecko

If dislike the creature at the top you can voice your dislike.
On June 2, Saturday morning at 11:00 at your city hall there will be a protest. If you need more information go to “CanadaIan News Network.

Wendy Lush

If there’s one worthy thing coming out of this train wreck of a Prime Minister, it’s that he has permanently sullied his father’s reputation.


I’m gobsmacked. Only 58% disapprove?

Eric Blair

If you think those numbers for Trudeau are low just wait until the carbon taxes really show their devastating effects on people’s cost of living. For the icing on the cake just watch to see the effects of the legalization of pot. All this ought to culminate in about a year’s time which is just in time for the next federal election. Beautiful! Trudeau would never be willing to sit as opposition leader and neither would Moneybags Morneau be willing to be content to be the finance critic so I would expect both of them to quit parliament, that is,… Read more »

Robert Daigneault

60.5% didn’t vote for him in the first place so how is 58% disapproval a good thing unless it is 58% of 100% not 39.5% of the 68% that voted last election. Confused yet ???


I thought Trudeau’s disapproval would be in the 80 percent range, either way the left sucks the right sucks


Nobody asked me, and I don’t know anyone who would vote for Justin Trudeau or any of the Liberal MP, so I think 58% is too low a number.

Ivan Hawkes

Too many people constrain their attention to far too few issues. If people broaden their perspective and information input, they would realize the countless and boundless problems created by or supported by the LIEberals. If people quit paying attention to the evening news and looked beyond their little TV box, they would realize how profoundly the LIEberals inaction and disregard for Canadians actually affects them. Justin PRETENDS to be caring, and people are foolish enough to swallow that act. Canadians have to realize how profoundly their children’s lives WILL be affected drastically by the LIEberals actions and lack of action… Read more »

Sean Short

Exactly. Singh better strengthen his support or just like 2015 we’ll have Trudeau back, having stolen the left.

Elton Rana

Ontario has just changed heart back to the PCs. if Doug only pushes Ontarians ahead, we are sure to give the CPC a majority in 2019. I would not expect from Quebec to NF. They are just happy with free transfers


25% ? still way too much for Canada’s sake.

Don Taylor

I am surprised that aren’t more against the traitor Turdeau,he continually gives Canada a bad name,the Worst PM in Canadian history

Don Taylor

Should be 99% disapprove of Trudeau