POLL: Conservatives Have 13 Point Lead Over Trudeau Liberals

According to survey, the Conservatives would get a majority government, with the Liberals over 100 seats behind.

A new Forum Research survey shows the Trudeau Liberals falling far behind the Conservatives.

Here are the key numbers:

Conservatives 43%, Liberals 30%, NDP 14%, Greens 8, Bloc 4%.

Forum Research says that based on those numbers, the Conservatives would win 207 seats, with the Liberals far back at 100 seats. The NDP would get 23, the Greens 2, and the Bloc 6.

While other polls have shown either a smaller Conservative lead or a small Liberal lead, the trend has been in one direction: The longer Trudeau is in power, the fewer people support him.

Forum also reported results of their approval rating questions, which showed Justin Trudeau’s approval at 33%, with his disapproval rising to 58%.

Carbon Tax anger grows

These poll numbers come as prices at the pump surge, and anger against Trudeau’s carbon tax is growing rapidly across the country. With the Trans Mountain pipeline on the verge of being delayed to death, people are wondering how it’s possible that we’re getting ripped off at the pump when our nation has gigantic oil reserves.

Pathetic leadership and disloyalty to our country at the highest levels of government is taking us on the path of national decline, and that decline must be reversed in 2019.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube