POLL: Conservatives Have 13 Point Lead Over Trudeau Liberals

According to survey, the Conservatives would get a majority government, with the Liberals over 100 seats behind.

A new Forum Research survey shows the Trudeau Liberals falling far behind the Conservatives.

Here are the key numbers:

Conservatives 43%, Liberals 30%, NDP 14%, Greens 8, Bloc 4%.

Forum Research says that based on those numbers, the Conservatives would win 207 seats, with the Liberals far back at 100 seats. The NDP would get 23, the Greens 2, and the Bloc 6.

While other polls have shown either a smaller Conservative lead or a small Liberal lead, the trend has been in one direction: The longer Trudeau is in power, the fewer people support him.

Forum also reported results of their approval rating questions, which showed Justin Trudeau’s approval at 33%, with his disapproval rising to 58%.

Carbon Tax anger grows

These poll numbers come as prices at the pump surge, and anger against Trudeau’s carbon tax is growing rapidly across the country. With the Trans Mountain pipeline on the verge of being delayed to death, people are wondering how it’s possible that we’re getting ripped off at the pump when our nation has gigantic oil reserves.

Pathetic leadership and disloyalty to our country at the highest levels of government is taking us on the path of national decline, and that decline must be reversed in 2019.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Shawn Harris

The Trudeau Liberals are suffering from the equivalent of death by cop, except it is death by Trudeau. But this is what happens when any party makes their leader the star attraction. Brian Mulrooney said it best, if you want to be a popular prime minister, you will be , but your time in office will be short. Trudeau has been and continues to be a deceitful and arrogant PM and now that attitude is costing Canada not only our reputation as a place to invest and live in but is costing us our economic future as well. We need… Read more »

Sewer Rat

He probably could be charged with treason regarding terrorists. Under Canadian law, if a known terrorist lands on our soil, they are supposed to be arrested, and put in jail. With Justin allowing returning ISIS terrorists to roam freely in our country without any charges or even being arrested, that could be considered aiding and abetting the enemy, which is treason.


Just wait until the “irregular migrants” which is what the Liberal’s call them start pouring over the border. My wonderful husband doesn’t listen to any of the issues about the illegal immigrants who are coming to the USA. I told him that I am paying close attention because of violent gangs such as MS 13…All they have to do is take a look at how welcoming Trudeau is making Canada in the event that that meanie of a President will the boom on this gang and deport them…Canada will start to look pretty good to them….nice housing, free health care,… Read more »


I agree but if you can’t cite the law then nobody will act. I assume police and a crown prosecutor would be obliged to act if a complaint was filed.


if the longer he is in power, the less he is supported….then let him go to 2019 ..but take away his power for spending …remove his credit card, take the cash ….


Hopefully your good suggestion is somehow implemented!


Many peoplekind will have a brain fart & forget what he has done & will vote for him because of his name. Many did it simply due to him being a trudo.


Like I said before, the next gov probably the cpc can not do allthe work alone in returning Canada to her rightful place ‘the best’ in the world. The genral public have to help as well.
By the time Trudeau Gov with the help of the media destroy this nation, it will take a lot of hard work and commitment from the general law abiding citizens to restore our nation.
The media that have lied manipulated the public into brainwashing ARE TO BLAME.

Sewer Rat

Harpers biggest mistake was not selling off the CBC.


And, getting rid of the CRTC.


Fully agreed! On Carbon taxes, Alberta is charging 6.7 ¢?/L of gasoline nd 1.57 ¢/1000 ft³ natural gas. For what the Trudope gang will charge per, see here http://www.ey.com/Publication/vwLUAssets/Canada_releases_federal_carbon_tax_pricing_proposals/$FILE/2018G_07185-171Gbl_Canada%20releases%20federal%20carbon%20tax%20pricing%20proposals.pdf

Most of the public does not realize the rip-off for nothing!


Agreed. Now they are Liberal’s CNN.


Jen, I don’t think Canada can ever be restored. Trudeau, barbie, Khalid, Alghabra, and Morneau have done far too much damage on the international stage. Trudeau is huggy-feely with some other “leaders”, but over $65 billion in investment has gone forever. It is impossible to get that back as it has been invested in more stable friendly places. China, one of the biggest world economies just downgraded Canada to a negative status for investment. Negative says that Canada is not a good place to invest. Communist China didn’t that big because they are stupid. I suspect the Liberals are intentionally… Read more »

Wendy Lush

A new day is dawning – hopefully in 18 months – when we’ll be able to truly say that the “REAL Canada is back!”

Marcel Crossland

The first thing they most do is sell the CBC and no more tax payer cash to any Media and shut down the border crossings to illegals

Elizabeth Thorne

SUNNY WAYS ARE NOW MISERABLE, COLD, CASH-STRAPPED DAYS. 2019—184 Liberals have to go. When the government cares more about illegals and the rest of the world, it needs to be replaced.

Ralph Knapp

The day Sheer is sworn in, he should immediately a full forensic audit on the Government books. The same thing should happen in Ontario when Wynne’s ass hits the curb. There is a lot of questions to be answered in both instances.

Ralph Knapp

immediately launch

Miles Lunn

Considering this is out of whack with other polls call me a bit skeptical. As much as I would like to believe it is true, I tend to take the average of polls as opposed to one that is closest to what I would like. Agreed Trudeau is down from last election and agreed Tories are up, but don’t think the Tories are in majority territory yet, even question if they are a minority territory but would likely win more seats than they have now.

Ben Eby

UNBELIEVABLY STUPID COMMENT BY ANDREW SCHEER: In typical old time Conservative style, Andrew Scheer tragically found a way to quickly kill the just released poll numbers, which show Conservatives with a thirteen point lead over the Liberals. Andrew Scheer must be missing a few bricks to still be a believer in the value of the Paris climate accord. NOW WE KNOW WHY MR. SCHEER HAS NOT APPEARED IN ALBERTA ON BEHALF OF ALBERTANS, THE TM PIPELINE, AND THE OIL INDUSTRY?

Clive Edwards

The decision as to which political party forms the government is often made in the back rooms by the global bankers. All prime ministers are their lackeys. It is the globalists who gave us Turdeau and they will give us our next prime minister, even if it is a Conservative. We are being “Mutt & Jeffed”, as the older expression meaning “good cop/bad cop” goes. “Ratcheting” is perhaps a more accurate term. the Liberals take us up a notch till we are on the verge of rebellion; then the government changes, we relax thinking the problem is solved and the… Read more »


Not to mention the $50M (and counting) the Liberals have lovingly gifted to known terrorists.