Watch: Hilarious Video Asks “What If Regular Canadians Talked Like The Liberals?”

New Conservative ad shows how absurd Trudeau’s non-answers would be in the real world.

A new video from the Conservatives shows insane the non-answers given by the Trudeau Liberals in Question Period would be if they were used in the real world.

Here’s what Andrew Scheer said about the video on Twitter:

“You would never answer questions like this, so why does Justin Trudeau think it’s OK? It’s time Canadians got some real answers from the Trudeau Liberals.”

Watch the hilarious video below:

This is a very effective ad, as it shows how much of a joke Justin Trudeau’s “openness and transparency” has become.

More ads like this – focused on humour – will keep exposing the failures of the Trudeau government, and help show why change is do desperately needed for our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter