Cause & Effect: Gas Prices In Vancouver Break North American Record

Time to rethink that anti-oil attitude.

Gas prices in Vancouver hit 161.9 cents per litre, breaking a North American record.

As noted by Global, Dan McTeague of Gasbuddy says it could get even worse.

“The 1.619 represents the single largest price point ever paid at any gas station, or any regional gas station across North America in the history of fuel. That beats the all-time record that was established in Los Angeles back in 2008. So now Vancouver has stolen that title and it looks like these high prices are here to stay.”

McTeague says prices could reach 165 cents per litre.

According to the report, “He says multiple factors have affected prices, but says blocking the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is not helping the situation.”


This is a direct result of the anti-oil attitude of the BC NDP, and much of the radical left. Gas should be incredibly cheap in Canada, but because of the pressure exerted by those who want to wreck our Canadian energy industry, consumers are hit with tons of taxes, and businesses are hit with tons of regulations and barriers.

Now, we have an absurd situation where people in a province right next to some of the biggest oil reserves on earth are getting ripped off at the pump. Even worse, the majority of people in BC want more pipeline capacity and support the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, but a small number of radicals are being allowed to dictate policy for millions of people.

Not to mention the carbon tax, which adds to the price as well.

It’s a disgraceful moment, and reveals the total weakness and foolishness of our leaders. We need leaders who have the courage to scrap garbage policies like the carbon tax, cut taxes, reduce regulations, and support our energy industry. Until that happens, Canadian consumers will keep getting ripped of like Vancouverites at the pump.

Spencer Fernando

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Shawn Harris

This massive and totally unnecessary spike in the price of gas should never have been allowed to happen and it should now drop the “penny” from all Canadians eyes. Canadians by now should be extremely angry at both Trudeau and his deaf and blind followers, for having deliberately deceived everyone into believing that this carbon tax would be actually beneficial and without any real damage to Canada. Because of this carbon tax, with many more to come and the strangulating regulations, we shall soon start to see the end of Canada as we once new it. The longer this deceitful… Read more »

Dave French

SHAWN HARRIS: Excellent comment, with true and factual information. YES, absolutely, TRUDEAU and his Liberal henchmen MUST be VOTED OUT in 2019, they are corrupt, liars, deceivers, frauds, swindlers, etc., to all Canadians.!!!!


I am beginning to think these ecco terrorists are electric car sales people, LOL, since the Vancouver Sun keeps promoting electric cars, and didn’t BC just go deeply in debt like Ontario to put in some huge hydro dam etc… More expensive hydro and big debt lucky them. Ontario has so much extra electricity and they (Lieberals ) think that gas heat is too polluting that we should heat with electricity at aprox $3000.00 more costs a year for heat. At present gas and even better oil prices to drive and heat with makes way more sense, if we did… Read more »


A couple of years ago when a barrel of oil cost over $100, we paid $1.36 for a litre of gas in Canada.
Now a barrel of oil is $68.44 almost half of what it was 2 years ago, and WE STILL PAY $1.36 per litre.


wait until the actual cost of oil increases again.
I am amazed that the Oil companies are not advertising how much of the cost is tax.
Seems we are now spending more on tax than actual fuel.

Tommy Hawk

Maybe — just maybe — this sudden reality check will get those with the need to depend on gas to get their collective minds working again. The scenery may be great, the weather great and many other things, but those are only visual and temporary.

These gas hikes are not visual nor temporary. Perhaps a little political reality might help them at the polls next time around — or maybe with all the nice weather, the gas hikes really don’t hurt at all — eh?

Clive Edwards

Let the Liberals and Conservatives do their worst. That will assure they don’t get re-elected for a generation. Of course, by then the Western provinces may have smartened up and decided to go it alone. With our oil and wheat we don’t need the rest of Canada. A generation ago Quebec made noises about leaving Confederation, but finally realized that without Ottawa robbing the West and giving some to Quebec, Quebec as an independent nation was a non-starter. Bureaucrats, cops and soldiers are the only exports from Quebec and aren’t anything the rest of the world, let alone the rest… Read more »


Well Vancouver (Not the rest of BC) you asked for it so now you got it. Keep pissing off the rest of BC and they might cut you off and put you out to sail with Vancouver Island.


Corporate greed & political depravity both will destroy Canada (Western Civilization).

Sewer Rat

@KK. It’s not “corporate greed”. Approximately 70% of what you and I pay for gas, are taxes. Provincial taxes, federal taxes, HST/GST, (some places) municipal taxes, and carbon levy’s. That “levy” is an important word, as in Canada, it is illegal for the federal government to tax a tax. So, they call it a “levy”. And since it is a levy, it doesn’t technically qualify as a “tax”. It’s a nice little loophole that you can be sure that the lieberal government will exploit to the fullest.

Dave French

• Vancouver anti-oil disturbers & disruptors now are complaining about their big increases in gas/oil, but they caused this big increase and have only themselves to blame. • So, with their idiotic pipeline BS … this is called; “cutting off their nose to spite their face.’ Now Vancouver, B.C., must accept their choices and suck it up, as your self-inflicted gas/oil problems is/was caused by your NDP government & anti-oil group. • Now Vancouver must clean up their own problems, because other provinces do not give a damn as they have issues more important to deal with to them, and… Read more »


$unni days ahead!

Bev McMullan-Kungl

Did the people in British Columbia not learn anything from what is happening in Alberta with a NDP government? I think not. NDP=Liberals…..Liberals=NDP. We all must smarten up and elect parties that are for the people of Canada and its individual provinces.