Trudeau’s Weak Border Policy Is A Slap In The Face To Everyone Who Immigrated To Canada Legally

The government is punishing those who are trying to join the Canadian family the right way, while rewarding those who are showing disrespect for our border and our laws.

Amid the escalating border crisis caused by Justin Trudeau’s virtue-signalling and inaction, there hasn’t been much attention on the terrible message being sent to people who immigrated – and wish to immigrate – to Canada through the legal process.

Many people wait years and years, spending thousands of dollars, compiling tons of documents, and enduring immense uncertainty as they seek to come to Canada.

Having worked at an MPs office, I saw many instances where people were seeking to bring a loved one to Canada, and had been waiting for a very long time as they navigated the immigration system bureaucracy. They were showing respect for the country they sought to call home by following the rules and following the law.

So, what must they be thinking as they watch the Trudeau government reward people who are bypassing the system entirely and breaking the law by crossing illegally?

Crossing into a country illegally is showing disrespect for the laws of the country. Of course, I don’t really blame those trying to enter Canada. It’s understandable that people want to come to a country with a high standard of living, rather than risk being sent back to a poor country if they’re being deported from the USA. But, understanding why people try crossing illegally and rewarding that illegal crossing are entirely different things.

Trudeau rewards illegal immigration

Illegal border crossers have been receiving ‘free’ (taxpayer funded) transportation to their ‘preferred destination’, work permits, and welfare payments.

Meanwhile, those who are actually following the laws get none of that, and keep on waiting. Their ‘reward’ for respecting our nation is to keep waiting in line, and get pushed even further back in line by those disrespecting our border.

It’s a slap in the face to everyone who is chasing their Canadian Dream in a way that respects Canada’s laws.

The facts are clear: Under Justin Trudeau, respect is punished, disrespect is rewarded, and Canada is worse off for it.

Spencer Fernando

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