Trudeau’s Weak Border Policy Is A Slap In The Face To Everyone Who Immigrated To Canada Legally

The government is punishing those who are trying to join the Canadian family the right way, while rewarding those who are showing disrespect for our border and our laws.

Amid the escalating border crisis caused by Justin Trudeau’s virtue-signalling and inaction, there hasn’t been much attention on the terrible message being sent to people who immigrated – and wish to immigrate – to Canada through the legal process.

Many people wait years and years, spending thousands of dollars, compiling tons of documents, and enduring immense uncertainty as they seek to come to Canada.

Having worked at an MPs office, I saw many instances where people were seeking to bring a loved one to Canada, and had been waiting for a very long time as they navigated the immigration system bureaucracy. They were showing respect for the country they sought to call home by following the rules and following the law.

So, what must they be thinking as they watch the Trudeau government reward people who are bypassing the system entirely and breaking the law by crossing illegally?

Crossing into a country illegally is showing disrespect for the laws of the country. Of course, I don’t really blame those trying to enter Canada. It’s understandable that people want to come to a country with a high standard of living, rather than risk being sent back to a poor country if they’re being deported from the USA. But, understanding why people try crossing illegally and rewarding that illegal crossing are entirely different things.

Trudeau rewards illegal immigration

Illegal border crossers have been receiving ‘free’ (taxpayer funded) transportation to their ‘preferred destination’, work permits, and welfare payments.

Meanwhile, those who are actually following the laws get none of that, and keep on waiting. Their ‘reward’ for respecting our nation is to keep waiting in line, and get pushed even further back in line by those disrespecting our border.

It’s a slap in the face to everyone who is chasing their Canadian Dream in a way that respects Canada’s laws.

The facts are clear: Under Justin Trudeau, respect is punished, disrespect is rewarded, and Canada is worse off for it.

Spencer Fernando

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Elizabeth Thorne

What about all the Canadian people who have followed the rules all their lives, worked hard and paid and paid taxes. We have a Prime Minister who is telling people to break our Canadian laws and it is OK. What a bloody, disgrace this man and all his clowns are. Can’t wait for 2019 so we can throw the bums out.

Darryl Wiltzen

Almost all of my uncles and aunts and mom about 45 immigrated to Canada in the 1930-40 era. The Canadian immigration deal was they had to live in the west. They lived on pennies in South Saskatchewan for the years of drought. They barely lived it out then abandoned to go to Calgary 10 years later. My mom told me about all the hardships they had to overcome. Her dad was a cobbler, he repaired shoes. They didn’t farm but had a garden for essentials. I am proud they had to fight for the essentials and build a big family… Read more »

Wendy Lush

You know that ‘caravan’ of migrants that just arrived at the California-Tijuana border trying to claim asylum in the USA? Plan B is Canada. In fact, Plan A might be Canada.

BTW, the minute they set foot in Mexico they are in a safe third country; despite pockets of violence Mexico is relatively safe. Let them claim asylum there.

Ed R Peebles

Justin Has A Weak mind Also !

Ed P.

shawn oriley

I came to Canada when I was very young with me family who depended on nothing for free and they worked all there lives to get it. This country was a grand country to belong to but as years passed greed took over and since his father destroyed some of Canada now the sun is to make Canada a disappearing nation. What this leader has done to this country out of hatred because of his father is inexcusable and he has no feelings for the damage he has created> he stays away from jail time for corruption because he runs… Read more »

Chris vrecko

You asked what legal immigrants think! I can tell you. My great great great grand parents, my grandfather on the other side, my in laws and my husband were and are landed immigrants! Some of course are no longer with us but the ones alive are angry. They were not given anything nor did they expect it, they went to work as soon as they arrived at their destination. They were poor and frightened upon landing that they’d be turned away if they even had a cold and were sent back to their mother country. Now they see VERY ungrateful… Read more »


I understand your frustration. Most immigrants came from Europe. My great-grandmother came from England and My dad’s father came from Ireland. my mom’s mother came from Ireland but was French as well. They came to Canada and worked picking apples, strawberry’s and where ever they could make a living for their family. They too grew their own vegetables, hunted for what they needed and wasted nothing. My grandmother’s knitted, sewed and made their own clothes. The immigrants coming across now have no regard for our culture, our country and through our traitor, PM Trudeau has changed everything to suit there… Read more »


“Meanwhile, those who are actually following the laws get none of that, ” And likely have to be self-sufficient except for the help they get from private sponsors or family. These illegals get instant endless bottomless funding and shelter with Trudeau showing he favors illegals ahead of people who would actually be of benefit to Canada.

How many of those illegals will be accepted at Amazon’s new IT location in Vancouver, after all, there are 3000 openings? How many will still be on the dole and waiting for their fake interviews in a year?

Roy Stephens

I couldn’t agree more! I have young Russian friends, a couple, she’s a Mathematician with an invitation from the U of AB and he’s an Electrical Engineer. They’ve tried for years to immigrant, jumping through the hoops, spending money on appeals that shouldn’t be necessary, and they cannot get approved. Our pathetic virtue signalling PM has made a mockery of our system and insulted people like my friends who are prime candidates!


Who is Justin Trudeau, really, what doe he really want? His mother broke laws did she not? He has used some type of drug illegally did he not? Who supplied that? Who supplied his Mom? Who supplied his brother in all due respect? What did his father do to help his brother? What is his motto make the laws, we break the laws…? I cannot drive across a large part of the country as I have many times without getting stopped at times by the RCMP! For what, they simply want to check me out make sure I am not… Read more »

Bob Geddes

Sorry to have to add further insult to injury. but I was reading recently that Trudeau’s Liberal Government has agreed to take in the rejects from ISRAEL. If they are not suitable for Israel then they are not suitable for Canada. Is Trufeau trying to build up his own ISIS army in Canada? After all he has proven himself a Muslim Brotherhood shill.