Canada Needs A Government That Believes In Patriotism

As long as our ‘leaders’ put their ‘global citizenship’ ahead of the best interests of Canadians, our country will keep heading down the wrong path.

As everybody with common-sense knows, a ‘post-national state’ is not a real state at all.

A country without a sense of identity and unity is just a place on a map. Patriotism is essential to the strength and success of a nation.

Unfortunately, Canada’s current leadership doesn’t believe in patriotism, and we can see the growing consequences all around us.

Consider the fact that despite our immense amount of oil, much of eastern Canada imports oil from foreign countries. Meanwhile, protesters funded by foreign governments and foreign pressure groups work against our Canadian energy industry, while never protesting the oil industry in nations like Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, or Venezuela.

Despite the fact that our nation has a neutral carbon footprint, our leaders signed us up for the Paris Climate Accord and are imposing job killing carbon taxes and regulatory restrictions that make Canadians poorer – all while other countries are able to keep increasing their emissions.

Our military is severely underfunded, while the government spends our tax dollars on things like building a road for the Jordanian army.

Canadian Veterans get told they’re asking for too much, while the government rolls out the red carpet for illegal border crossers.

And, Patriotic Canadians who stand up for our country regularly get demonized by the government as ‘bigots,’ ‘racists,’ and more.

The link between all of these things is that we have a government that doesn’t believe in Patriotism.

The Trudeau government believes that it’s wrong to focus on Canada’s interests first and foremost. They believe Canadian taxpayers should be serving the interests of global institutions and other countries, rather than having our tax dollars actually used for our own country.

Yet, because of how narrow the political debate in this country has become, many people don’t realize how crazy the ‘post-national’ ideology really is.

It should be a total no-brainer that the government of Canada serves the Canadian people, yet the Trudeau government doesn’t see it that way. They listen to what the global elites think, instead of listening to Canadians.

We need a government that believes in Patriotism

Canada needs a government that treats Patriotic Canadians with respect, not contempt. We need a government that stops trying to win global popularity contests, and does everything possible to strengthen our wealth and prosperity. And we need a government that defends our country and looks after our own citizens, instead of serving the interests of foreign nations.

To help make that happen, we need to restore a spirit of Patriotism to our country, and contrast that with the dangerous ‘post-national state’ ideology. We will also need to hold all parties accountable. While the Conservatives are much more likely to reverse the damage Trudeau has done, they will need to be pressured as well, and no party should be able to take support for granted once they are in office.

We will need a stronger, and tougher attitude. We should never apologize or back down when we are defending the interests of Canada, and we have the right to expect and demand that same Patriotic strength from our elected leaders.

Spencer Fernando

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Major Tom

Former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali stated ‘The age of the sovereignty of nations is past!” Obviously, the globalist Canadian PM is marching to this tune……..

Erwin Merkt

Very well said Spencer.

Ralph Knapp

Canada needs a government that can govern.


Excellent article and bang on! Patriotism built this country, and those that don’t want to conform to Canadian tradition and values, etc. should NOT be welcome in our country, that includes the liberals breaking our beautiful country apart. Canadians Strong and Free!


Spencer you say it so well. We need a much better government, unfortunately there is not always a good leader to vote for.

Lorne Clinton

When you run the numbers we are not C02 neutral Canada absorbs more C02 then as a Country We put out the UN should be paying us for taking C02 out of the atmosphere.

Clive Edwards

We do need to stop serving the interests of foreign nations through evil and outdated alliances such as NATO. If Canada isn’t giving billions to third world dictators on behalf of illiterate and oppressed women (which these women will never see because it ends up financing the dictators’ military, lavish lifestyle attending international conferences, not to mention their foreign bank accounts, much the way our politicians do), he spends the same money supporting our military allies in destabilizing and destroying other countries and creating the refugees we all seem to abhor. The common thread to all of this is, of… Read more »

Ron Shaw

Canada needs a government of the people , for the people .
Alberta and the western provinces are now not welcome in Trudopes vision of Canada .
Time to send him a message , SEPARATION from his global Mr. Dress up stupidity .
Oh and for your information we are not the tax cheats you make us out to be , you are !