Fail: Trudeau Government Analysis Admits Canada Will Miss Paris Accord Emissions Targets By 90 MILLION Tonnes

Yet more evidence that the carbon tax is all about ripping off the taxpayers.

While much of the political class and media elites keep selling the fiction that the Paris Climate targets are achievable, an analysis by the Trudeau government shows that Canada is on pace to massively miss those targets.

According to the CP, “Even with carbon pricing and other measures, including eliminating coal-fired power plants, cutting methane emissions from the oil industry and making cleaner fuels, Canada will still be 90 million tonnes shy of its international emissions targets set in 2015 under the Paris agreement.”

That’s an epic level of failure.

Set aside for a second the fact that Canada doesn’t need to impose a carbon tax or hit consumers and businesses with more regulations. It’s astounding that even the Trudeau government is forced to admit that all their policies still won’t reach the targets that the federal government agreed to.

The Paris targets are arbitrary in that they put restrictions on Canada, while letting massive emitters like China and India keep on increasing emissions for decades. And, as I’ve pointed out before, even if we shut down the entire Canadian economy it would make almost zero difference to global emissions.

Canada GHG Emissions World Comparison

Carbon tax scam

Once again, we see that the carbon tax is a scam, designed to take money out of the pockets of Canadian consumers, families, and businesses – all so the government can have more power and virtue-signal on the world stage.

This kind of thinking, where the government is willing to screw-over Canadians just to get some good headlines written in the global press, is why things like record-high gas prices in Vancouver and strangled pipeline expansions are a harbinger of things to come. That won’t change until we get a government that is actually patriotic and willing to put the interests of Canadians ahead of the global elites.

And if that doesn’t happen – if the Trudeau Liberals get re-elected – then they will use the failed target to ‘justify’ even more brutal taxes on Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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