Trudeau Government Corrupting Parliamentary Oversight With $7 Billion ‘Slush Fund’

Parliamentary Budget Office warns Liberal plan could let government shift spending away from where it’s supposed to be going without oversight, which is a serious corruption of how Canada’s Parliament is supposed to work.

The Parliamentary Budget Office is warning about the Trudeau government is setting things up in such a way that $7 billion in taxpayer dollars could be diverted from their budgeted purpose – without the necessary Parliamentary oversight.

The government claims they’re improving the budget process, but like most things the Trudeau government does their words and their actions have a gap bigger than the grand canyon.

According to a CP report, the Deputy Parliamentary Budget Officer Mostafa Askari says “It will help the government in being able to fund its measures faster this way because they get the (spending) authority ahead of time — but it reduces the scrutiny and control of Parliament.”

Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre ripped the government plan, calling it a “$7 billion no-strings-attached Liberal slush fund,” adding, “Governments can only spend what Parliament has approved and only on the specific purposes approved, except this slush fund will allow the Liberals to move the money wherever they want.”

Corrupting the process ahead of the election

The timing is no coincidence. With an election getting closer and their poll numbers weakening, the Trudeau Liberals are looking for every advantage they can get. Having a $7 billion fund they can spend without oversight will give them a huge potential boost as the election approaches, enabling them to go spread money around in photo-ops in an attempt to gain votes.

That’s why we need to spread the word about this slush fund and hold the government accountable for corrupting the Parliamentary budgeting process.

While the government will try to downplay this as a minor issue, the issue of Parliamentary oversight is essential to our democracy.

If the representatives of the people can’t track where money is going, and the government isn’t accountable for that spending, then a key pillar of democracy will have been lost, and true accountability will become impossible.

That’s why the Trudeau government must face electoral punishment for their attempt to corrupt our democracy. We can’t let them get away with using our money as if it belongs to them.

Spencer Fernando

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Ivan Hawkes

Obviously Justin is a CON MAN pulling a CON JOB on Canadians. Does he understand that MISAPPROPRIATION of funds is a CRIME??? He plans to dig you and your family into even deeper debt so he can con us into supporting him… what a joke!!! These BILLIONS and all of the multiple BILLIONS that Justin GAVE AWAY come with COMPOUNDING INTEREST. Justin’s irresponsible arrogance and refusal to act on issues that deeply affect Canadians makes it obvious that he is completely incompetent. Migrants (illegal or not) come here hoping for a better life, but they will find themselves with a… Read more »

Connie Cattle

Absolutely agree! He must have been taking lessons on Con Jobs from his
friend Obama and directions from Soros.


Is it going to be proven AGAIN that Trudeau Liberals lean heavily on the side of crookery?

Ron Voss

“Having a $7 billion fund they can spend without oversight will give them a huge potential boost as the election approaches, enabling them to go spread money around in photo-ops in an attempt to gain votes.”
‘Infrastructure funding’ by the feds, Liberals and Conservatives, has been the basis of park barrel politics. Such spending goes beyond the responsibilities of the federal government as set out in the division of powers in our Constitution.

Valerie Clark

This money will be added to foreign funds and used to buy the next election for the Liberals. That will be the END OF CANADA. It can’t survive for more than 6 months after another Liberal majority is declared. That’s a good thing; Canada is an extremely dysfunctional country that shouldn’t have survived as long as it has.

Clive Edwards

The breach of trust is in the principle by dodging public oversight. The devil is in the details. Could the Liberals use the slush fund to finance domestic terrorism in Canada, in order to declare the War Measures Act (Turdeau Senior’s gift that keeps on giving, much the way Bush’s Patriot Act has in the U.S.) and delay elections, declare individuals and groups he doesn’t like to be “enemies of the state”; possibly limiting freedom of movement, financial freedom and freedom of speech? How about gun confiscation: think “High River” on a national scale. It worked in the U.S. and… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Trudeau and his Liberal party, like all Liberals before them, see money and power as belonging singularly to them because , as they would have everyone believe that they are Canada’s natural governing party and as such should have “their entitlements” left unrestricted. Their belief in this is so strong and absolute that they see it as being natural and without having any serious consequences to either Canadian taxpayers or more importantly Parliament. Trudeau hopes that by now everyone has long forgotten about “ADSCAM” scandal and the Gomery Commission that found the Liberals had misappropriated the funds and as such… Read more »


Trudeau and his treasonous dangerous Liberals have to remember that most dictators don’t end their tyranny by losing an election. He is forcing Canada to disintegrate. A legacy of being the most hated person in Canadian history.

Is Trudeau a liar? Trudeau is dangerous.

big whoop

An outgoing Harper appointee makes statements that your source article from the CP makes clear are completely false. This isn’t news, it’s just another indication that Pierre Poilivierre and the CPC are intent on lying to as many Canadians as will listen. Big whoop.