Trudeau Government Corrupting Parliamentary Oversight With $7 Billion ‘Slush Fund’

Parliamentary Budget Office warns Liberal plan could let government shift spending away from where it’s supposed to be going without oversight, which is a serious corruption of how Canada’s Parliament is supposed to work.

The Parliamentary Budget Office is warning about the Trudeau government is setting things up in such a way that $7 billion in taxpayer dollars could be diverted from their budgeted purpose – without the necessary Parliamentary oversight.

The government claims they’re improving the budget process, but like most things the Trudeau government does their words and their actions have a gap bigger than the grand canyon.

According to a CP report, the Deputy Parliamentary Budget Officer Mostafa Askari says “It will help the government in being able to fund its measures faster this way because they get the (spending) authority ahead of time — but it reduces the scrutiny and control of Parliament.”

Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre ripped the government plan, calling it a “$7 billion no-strings-attached Liberal slush fund,” adding, “Governments can only spend what Parliament has approved and only on the specific purposes approved, except this slush fund will allow the Liberals to move the money wherever they want.”

Corrupting the process ahead of the election

The timing is no coincidence. With an election getting closer and their poll numbers weakening, the Trudeau Liberals are looking for every advantage they can get. Having a $7 billion fund they can spend without oversight will give them a huge potential boost as the election approaches, enabling them to go spread money around in photo-ops in an attempt to gain votes.

That’s why we need to spread the word about this slush fund and hold the government accountable for corrupting the Parliamentary budgeting process.

While the government will try to downplay this as a minor issue, the issue of Parliamentary oversight is essential to our democracy.

If the representatives of the people can’t track where money is going, and the government isn’t accountable for that spending, then a key pillar of democracy will have been lost, and true accountability will become impossible.

That’s why the Trudeau government must face electoral punishment for their attempt to corrupt our democracy. We can’t let them get away with using our money as if it belongs to them.

Spencer Fernando

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