Watch: Rempel Exposes Morneau’s Empty ‘Gender Budgeting’ Rhetoric With Carbon Tax Questions

Rempel forced the Trudeau Liberals to play by their own virtue-signalling rules, and it made Morneau look like a fool.

The Trudeau government made a huge deal about their ‘gender-based’ budgeting.

It’s what they decided to focus on instead of addressing the growing competitiveness between Canada and the United States, something we’re paying the price for as investment flees our nation.

It was virtue-signalling on an epic scale, and the Trudeau government promised that the entire budget would be analysed particularly for how it impacted women.

Most people saw the ‘gender-based budgeting’ as empty words designed to gain votes without providing any substance.

So, during a meeting of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel forced Bill Morneau to play by the Trudeau government’s own virtue-signalling rules.

It didn’t go well for him.

Rempel asked a simple question: “What is the relative cost burden of the carbon tax on women as compared to men?”

Surely, a government that was doing a full gender-based analysis of the budget would have those numbers, right?

Well, it sure seems that analysis was never done. Or, it was done, and the results aren’t something the government wants to share. Either way, it’s bad for the government.

Over and over again Rempel asked Morneau to provide the analysis. Over and over again, he dodged the question and instead responded with mind-numbing talking points – clearly exposing the fact that the ‘feminist’ Trudeau government can’t even live up to their own rules and rhetoric.

Watch Rempel grill Morneau below:

Spencer Fernando

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Nice job Michelle. If gender is SO important to their budget then why is there no proof offered as to how or why carbon pricing will have a positive effect. This guy is a slippery liar indeed. Oh how I wish Canada had an impeachment process to rid ourselves of inept governments like the one we have now.


Love it! Good going Michelle Rempel. Out crazy the Liberal’s

Glen Runowski

Can Morneau and Trudeau not be held in contempt for never answering questions in The House or committees?

Dave Bainard

Morneau probably feels that pretty little Michelle just give him a work boot kick to the balls.

Tommy Hawk

Sorry, Dave, that could never happen.

Why may you ask?

In order to do that successfully, Morneau would have to have balls and, typically Liberal, he does not have any.


Michelle is a star. Should make it into cabinet in 2019. On the other hand, does Morno know how moronic he looks and sounds as a minister of finance? This guy owns a company? It’s enough to make his Morneau Sheppell clients flee en masse. Is he actually the best the Libs could muster up for such a critical role. Canada deserves so much better.

Old white guy

What makes her a star?


How many genders are there again?

Lynn Gasbarino

We MUST get rid of this Liberal Government!! All of them won’t cross Trudeau, and lie to cover it up! Canada does NOT need a carbon tax! Emissions are a little less than 2% for the entire country, well within the guidelines. What carbon emissions we have are necessary for life on earth! What the heck are the Libs doing to us? I mourn for my country!!

Eric Blair

The only difference with Moneybags Morneau not answering a question and Trudeau is that Morneau has not learned to blame Harper yet.
You just know that these top liberals have all been trained/coached by some well connected Liberal PR firm on how to not answer any questions no matter how simple the question.
Maybe the conservatives ought to just get up and leave when these liberals play these games. Then the government media (CBC) and others will have to report on why the conservatives are doing it. Or maybe they wont.

Tim Atchison

From what I can see if the conservatives keep riding him I bet he’ll quit. Ride him hard I bet he resigns


The sissy Morneau could not answer Remple’s simple questions. PATHETIC.
On the other hand, the Trudeau party are using ‘ gender base’ crap to entice women as though they care for them and their needs which we all know they don’t, not now; not ever.

Clive Edwards

Brilliant! Continue to push, asking, “the effect of the carbon tax on women and children?” “…immigrants?” And the least politically correct of all, “What is the effect of the carbon tax on “first nations” people? Will they continue to be exempt from fuel taxes such as the carbon tax?”

Clive Edwards

The carbon tax unfairly burdens middle class Canadians who can’t “write off” the cost of fuel the way those with small and home based businesses can, let alone those who are reimbursed by corporate and government entities who in the end can and will “write off” the tax.

Moe S.

Michelle, “you go girl” I enjoyed every minute of her cool, collected, grilling of Mr. Bay Street Morneau. This video clip proves Mr. Bay Street is just another one of Trudeau’s trained seals. His broken record non-answers is enough to make any sane person want to throw a fish at this Trudeau trained seals head, just to knock some sense into him.


This whole feminist garbage talk is just another way to divide people like they have done for years, Lieberal agenda has everyone divided they want our attention on another fake problem. Real men and real women know what they are and see this fake feminist agenda as false propaganda a smoke screen to divide us further, men and women have roles to play in real life and realize that it is being taken off of us. We know what we are and that is not gender neutral. We know how to add and subtract just fine. Thank you again Michele… Read more »


Is it just me or is it EVERY TIME I hear Trudeau and Morneau speak ALL I HEAR them say (metaphorically speaking) is, “I won’t answer your questions because I’m better than you, so please shut up and just buy into my bullsh*t”?

ken Marbach

Sad to see PONZIOCRATS being out-ponzied–not by cause but but by numbers!! Numbers not applicable to the their issues which are bogus but numbers they ALL NEED TO GET RE-SELECTED BY THEIR PARTY CAPO’S to get their names posted on BRIBE BOXES to get re-elected PERIOD!! They space their NOISE and NOSYNESS equally amongst themselves because in this PONZI-PYRAMID there are NO LOSERS except for the shilled voters every 4 years! Think on there packaged privileges: A. Govt Credit CARDS–NO LIMITS B. 300,000$ Salaries n Perks; C.Generous Housing Allowances; D, Con-Office staffing by friends in Hi-TECH world they continue their… Read more »

Old white guy

Yes but my dog could ask those same questions and not get an either. Would that make him a hero? Conservatives haven’t done anything of merit since Trudy took office. I thought you were smarter than that.

Old white guy

Oops an answer either

Tommy Hawk

Watching and listening to the Liberal government of today their performance both prior to the election and most assuredly since the election has been on of perfecting that old ‘smoke and mirrors’ concept to the nth degree.

To give credit where credit is due, one must admit that in the political history of Canada, and recognizing that all governments practice the art, this government is ‘way out in front’ of any previous government.

Unfortunately, that accomplishment does not do Canada nor Canadians any good whatever, which is the fundamental responsibility of all governments.