Watch: Rempel Exposes Morneau’s Empty ‘Gender Budgeting’ Rhetoric With Carbon Tax Questions

Rempel forced the Trudeau Liberals to play by their own virtue-signalling rules, and it made Morneau look like a fool.

The Trudeau government made a huge deal about their ‘gender-based’ budgeting.

It’s what they decided to focus on instead of addressing the growing competitiveness between Canada and the United States, something we’re paying the price for as investment flees our nation.

It was virtue-signalling on an epic scale, and the Trudeau government promised that the entire budget would be analysed particularly for how it impacted women.

Most people saw the ‘gender-based budgeting’ as empty words designed to gain votes without providing any substance.

So, during a meeting of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel forced Bill Morneau to play by the Trudeau government’s own virtue-signalling rules.

It didn’t go well for him.

Rempel asked a simple question: “What is the relative cost burden of the carbon tax on women as compared to men?”

Surely, a government that was doing a full gender-based analysis of the budget would have those numbers, right?

Well, it sure seems that analysis was never done. Or, it was done, and the results aren’t something the government wants to share. Either way, it’s bad for the government.

Over and over again Rempel asked Morneau to provide the analysis. Over and over again, he dodged the question and instead responded with mind-numbing talking points – clearly exposing the fact that the ‘feminist’ Trudeau government can’t even live up to their own rules and rhetoric.

Watch Rempel grill Morneau below:

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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