Ford Deserves Credit For Listening To The People On Greenbelt Development

Politicians should get credit when they listen to voters and are willing to change their minds.

One of the biggest contradictions in politics today is that leaders are heavily criticized when they refuse to listen to the people, but are then also heavily criticized when they change their minds in response to what the people want.

That’s what happened to Doug Ford, who faced lots of criticism after he said the greenbelt would be opened up to development under a PC government.

After the backlash, Ford listened to the criticism and quickly reversed course, as can be seen in the video below:

While the Liberals and many media elitists criticized Ford, he is doing exactly what a leader should: Listen to the people.

Changing our minds is part of being human. As someone who has been associated with different political parties, I know that we must always be willing to have an open mind and recognize that opinions grow and evolve.

By changing his mind on greenbelt development in response to the voices of Ontarians, Ford showed something that people have been wanting from their leaders for a long time: An attitude that brings back the meaning of public service, rather than acting like an elected dictator.

Too many ‘leaders’ get elected, and then ignore what the people are saying, acting as if being voted into power gives them a license to do whatever they want.

True public servants on the other hand know that real, democratic leadership is impossible without a willingness to listen, and a willingness to change your mind when the evidence and circumstances require it.

After all, people like Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne refuse to listen to the growing number of people opposed to high taxes and massive debt increases, and instead of changing their mind Trudeau and Wynne keep pushing things onto a more damaging path.

That’s why we need more politicians like Doug Ford who are willing to listen and willing to change in order to serve the will of the people and restore true responsive democracy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Finally !!! A leader with integrity, who’s not worried about standing corrected due to listening to what the voters demand! He is NOT being driven by corporations or a variety of political agendas. Doug Ford is for the people and about the people – it takes a lot to admit AND it’s okay to flip on an idea that the people of Ontario have stood up and spoken against. Doug Ford #1


Lets hope Doug Ford continues the way he is going, yeh Doug!!! I really hope he has an auditor check out where all Ontario’s tax dollars disappeared to and explain this huge provincial debt these unethical bandits the Lieberals did to us. I sincerely hope that Andrew Schere will do the this also. This should be public, and laws made so it can never happen again All the Lieberals should be thoroughly personally financially audited as well or they would have crossed the house floor and voted against this unfair destruction of a once good Country. Please stop all the… Read more »

John Rosebrugh

IMO Ralf Cline set the best example of listening to the people and put Alberta voters first.
His ego was never above changing his mind if that’s what it took for fare representation.

Clive Edwards

In my lifetime the best premier of BC was Bill Bennett Senior. There were accusations of minor corruption as there usually are when a great man is to be taken down – but he built BC.

Now that I live in Alberta we have Nutley, who must be Wynne’s evil twin.