Illegal Border Crossing ‘Asylum’ Claims To Surge Past Legal Claims In 2018

The border crisis continues to escalate, as government inaction encourages more illegal crossings.

In a sign of how the crisis at the border continues to escalate, a new report points out that Canada is on pace to see more illegal ‘asylum’ claims than legal claims in 2018.

That’s according to an in-depth breakdown of the border crisis by Tristan Hopper in the National Post:

Writes Hopper, “There are so many Mounties needed to process illegal border crossings in rural Quebec that the federal government is now spending $250,000 to build an unofficial police station on the U.S. border. In Toronto last week, Mayor John Tory announced that the number of refugee claimants in the city’s shelter system has quadrupled from 459 per night in 2016 to an average of 2,351 in 2018. And at least one Quebec politician is calling for a border fence with the U.S.”

And as Hopper points out, “Illegal border crossers are outpacing conventional refugees for the first time.”

Of course, this is a direct result of the inaction by the Trudeau government, which is encouraging even more illegal crossings.

In today’s connected world, word has spread rapidly that Canada’s government is unwilling to get tough at the border, and is rolling out the red carpet for those who cross illegally. With that message spreading, more and more people are trying to enter Canada in violation of our border laws.

And while all this is happening, people following the legal process are being punished by getting pushed even further back in line.

Notably, while the Trudeau government has tried to downplay the impact of Trudeau’s irresponsible ‘welcome to Canada’ tweet, the report notes that the evidence shows Trudeau’s tweet was a catalyst for more illegal crossings:

“In a recent House of Commons speech, Conservative public safety critic Pierre Paul-Hus called the tweet “the root of” illegal border crossings. And the data seems to back him up. The month before the Tweet, the RCMP intercepted 315 illegal border-crossers. The next month that doubled to 678 — and kept climbing until it reached a peak of 5,712 by August, 2017.”

So, not only does the Trudeau government bear heavy responsibility for the surge of illegal border crossings, they are also responsible for the inaction that is making the crisis worse, and no amount of government spin can change those facts.

Read Hopper’s full report here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube