Get Ready For The Trudeau Liberals To Demonize Canadians Worried About The Border Crisis

A Trudeau-appointed Senator has already tried to shift the focus to ‘populism’ and ‘xenophobia.’

The illegal border crossing crisis continues, with the number of illegal crossings expected to keep rising in the face of inaction from the Trudeau government.

A recent report revealed that the number of illegal crossers making ‘asylum’ claims would surpass the number of legal claims in 2018. Meanwhile, many municipalities are saying that 

But, instead of actually dealing with the crisis, the Trudeau Liberals appear to be shifting towards demonizing Canadians who want our border laws respected.

In an op-ed titled “Asylum are seekers not causing a crisis for Canada,” Trudeau-appointed Senator Ratna Omidvar tried shifting attention towards demonizing those who want the crisis resolved.

Here are a few parts of her op-ed:

“The only thing that is a looming crisis is the rhetoric that is picking up. More and more voices are using populist tones to their criticisms. The opposition dedicated a day last week in the House of Commons to score political points on the backs of asylum seekers. And a Quebec political leader even called for a wall to be built along the Chemin Roxham. I wonder where he got that idea.”

Apparently, Omidvar thinks that thousands of people crossing illegally isn’t a crisis, but people talking about it is a crisis. Interesting ‘logic.’

There’s more:

“This is dangerous. What can be looked at as legitimate questions can easily turn nasty into a wave of dangerous populism.”

And then, Omidvar erases the distinction between illegal immigration and legal immigration before outright demonization the opposition:

“Let’s be honest. The common thread of today’s populism is anti-immigration. This populism legitimizes xenophobia and encourage the separation of people into “us” and “them”. It creates a politics that sees the other not simply as different, but as different and therefor dangerous. Adversaries become enemies.”

There it is: Because the Conservatives are against illegal border crossings, Omidvar tries to make them seem like they are against legal immigration and are somehow xenophobic. And then, she accuses the opposition of being divisive, even as she just finished demonizing them.

Omidvar’s op-ed is unlikely to be a coincidence. It comes as the Trudeau government is under more pressure from the opposition and the public (the majority of Canadians oppose the illegal crossings), and are desperate to deflect attention from their inaction.

And, as we have seen before, when the Trudeau government gets stressed out they start demonizing people as ‘racists,’ ‘bigots,’ ‘xenophobes,’ and more. So it fits the pattern.

It would be no surprise if Omidvar’s op-ed was encouraged by the PMO, and we should all get ready for the Trudeau government to launch a full-scale rhetorical campaign to demonize the millions of Canadians who want our border laws to be respected.

Of course, that demonization ignores the fact that Trudeau’s weakness at the border is a serious insult to all legal immigrants, and is hurting Canadians of all backgrounds by shifting resources away from Canadian citizens.

By rewarding illegal border crossings, Trudeau is the one showing a xenophobic attitude towards Canadians and towards those following the legal process to join the Canadian family.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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