Morneau Won’t Reveal Cost Of Carbon Tax To Canadian Families Until September

The Trudeau government is asking Parliament to support legislation before the impact of that legislation on Canadians is known.

As the Conservatives demand to know how much the carbon tax will cost Canadian families, the Trudeau government claims they can’t release that info until September.

However, that means the Trudeau government is asking Parliament to support legislation before it is even known what the financial impact of that legislation will be on Canadians.

According to the CP, Finance Minister Bill Morneau said “details on how much people will pay will only be determined in September after each province reveals their individual approaches to applying the policy.”

Conservative Finance Critic Pierre “Poilievre then suggested Morneau was asking MPs to pass budget legislation that would allow the government to impose the carbon tax before explaining how much it would cost their constituents.”

At this point, not only is the government asking MPs to give the government the ability to force the tax on Canadians without knowing the cost, but they are giving themselves a lot of time to ‘adjust’ the numbers.

Things that look like ‘facts’ from the government are often heavily manipulated, and the Trudeau government will be desperate to make the carbon tax look as harmless as possible. So, even when we get the numbers (if we get them in September), we will have a strong reason to doubt their veracity.

Also, the opposition should keep up the pressure on the Trudeau government and demand that they release the numbers now, since the government has certainly got some estimates buried away. They shouldn’t be able to hide the impact of such a massive tax from the Canadian people, and we shouldn’t have to put up with it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Finance Minister Bill Moron

Ed R Peebles

The Turdeau Liberals might be just a bad dream or NightMare by then !
No longer a Worry ! Wouldn’t that be nice ?

Ed P.

Ram Tuff

Pelosi quote “You have to pass the bill to see what’s in it”

h ttps://youtu. be/UvQcRtveZq0

Ivan Hawkes

Rich BOY Morneau has no clue, nor any care, about the punishing conditions the LIEberals are inflicting onto Canadians. He refuses to answer any question besides his incoherent and meaningless babble. This shows me what a person is like when they have no conscience or soul.

Clive Edwards

Taxes such as income tax and sales tax are considered “carrot” taxes, because they are supposed to pay for things Canadians want, such as health care, defense, policing and the like. Taxes such as the carbon tax are “sin taxes” in the same way excise taxes on liquor and cigarettes are. They are social engineering “stick” taxes, designed to modify and guide behavior. Unlike taxes on liquor and cigarettes, no citizens (except government and corporate entities) can possibly avoid the carbon tax, other than by freezing in the dark in their driveway. What is the benefit of carbon taxes for… Read more »