Report Says China’s Communist Party Paid For Conservative MP’s Free Trip

The Conservatives must reject all such trips in the future and reject any attempts by China to influence our political process. They can’t allow themselves to go down the same path as Justin Trudeau letting China buy off our country.

A report in the Globe & Mail reveals that Conservative MP Bob Saroya took a free eight-day trip to China, a trip that was “in part funded by the foreign affairs arm of the ruling Chinese Communist Party.”

A key excerpt of the report details who Saroya met with:

“Mr. Saroya’s trip included stops in Beijing, where he met top Chinese communist officials including Guo Yezhou, the vice-minister of foreign affairs for the International Department of the Communist Party’s Central Committee. Mr. Guo last October told the party’s 19th Congress how the party had been busy “making friends far and wide” around the world to support China’s position on matters including territorial claims in the South China Sea.”

The trip comes as China is seeking to stop the Conservatives from opposing a ‘free trade’ deal between Canada and China – something Trudeau has been pushing for and which Scheer says the Conservatives reject.

While Saroya claims “there was nothing special discussed” on his Communist-paid for trip, the fact that China is trying to get MPs to go on such trips, and the fact that some MPs are accepting the trips, is very concerning.

I have heavily criticized the Trudeau Liberals for their repeated willingness to bow down to China, and while the Conservatives have taken a tougher approach, they need to be criticized in this case.

Saroya never should have accepted the trip, and the Conservatives need to provide answers to Canadians on what additional lobbying attempts are being made by Communist China.

Scheer has shown political courage by going against the corporate and media elites by opposing a Canada-China ‘free’ trade agreement that would be devastating to working class and middle class Canadians. If he lets his party be co-opted by China and decides to support the ‘free trade’ scam, it would be a terrible moment for Canada. He needs to reassure Canadians that we won’t let that happen.

Read the full report on Saroya’s trip here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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