Video: While Trudeau Makes Us Pay More To Drive To Grocery Store, He Has His Food Driven To Him At Our Expense

Lisa Raitt asks Trudeau, “Is this just do as I say, not as I do?”

Justin Trudeau says that record high gas prices in Vancouver – and surging prices everywhere – are a chance for Canadians to make ‘better choices.’

Of course, most of us know that it’s not a ‘choice’ for us to have to drive to work, or go to the grocery store, or use vehicles for any of the many things we have to do in life. In fact, stuff like that is only a ‘choice’ for those like Justin Trudeau who have everything paid for by somebody else, or have so much money that they don’t need to make economic trade-offs.

By contrast, Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt worked her way up and earned what she achieved, giving her an understanding of the challenges facing Canadians today.

That understanding led her to point out a glaring hypocrisy in Trudeau’s messaging. As he tells Canadians that paying higher gas prices is a chance to make better choices, he is having his meals transported from 24 Sussex Drive to the Rideau Cottage where he and his family are staying while 24 Sussex is renovated.

So, Trudeau is arrogantly telling Canadians to make choices that don’t exist (millions of people can’t just stop driving), while using our tax dollars to have his food transported to him.

As Raitt asked Trudeau, “Is this just do as I say, not as I do?”

Watch the moment in QP below:

While these videos can be infuriating to watch because of Trudeau’s endless non-answers and blaming others, they are still important. In the 2019 election, Trudeau will no doubt pretend that he has been ‘open and transparent,’ and these videos of him in Question Period constitute a living record of his arrogance, deception, and refusal to take responsibility.

Spencer Fernando

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Candice Malcolm

Published: May 3, 2018

Updated: May 3, 2018 9:13 PM


Biggest hypocrite on the plantet! Cannot wait until their booted in 2019!!! Wake up Canada this arrogant narcissist needs to go.

Scott M. Perron

Living in rural Alberta, we don’t have any other choices. I would be a long wait for public transit to be built out here.
I paid $1.349 /l for gasoline today.


Little old prince Justin selfie socks is grasping at talking points. Every time he runs to the Harper defence you know he has got nothing–you can take that to the bank! As long as he gets the life he wants to Hell with everyone else.

Clive Edwards

Turdeau probably charges his pizza deliveries and beer, I mean imported French wine, to the taxpayer. Wasn’t Cretin involved in a French wine scandal?

Moe S.

Typical dismissive Tatter Tot Trudeau. Spoken like a true elitist trust fund spoiled brat. His mouth overtakes his brain. Again. Outside of Toronto & Ottawa, job creation is non-existent.
75,000 manufacturing jobs in Ontario, gone. There are literally ‘rustbelts’ in this country similar to what was seen during the 2008 U.S. recession. Federal and Provincial governments stealing our tax dollars. Trust Funds for the elite. Canadian voters have had it with the Trudeau sermons and moral platitudes. They will indeed “make better choices” come the Federal election.


As usual, never answering a question. Deflect, deflect. What has HE really done for the economy? Nothing. How has he saved the tax payer any money? He hasn’t.


What the hell does a growth rate have to do with his servants making long distance trips to feed him? His contempt for Question Period, for Parliament, for the opposition and for Canadians is unending.

Until we find out otherwise, we can assume that Sofa is offended by the smell of food being cooked by her servants and doesn’t want it stinking up her house.

Spencer, you are performing an invaluable service for Canadians. Thank you.


I mean like, come on. This guy is so busy jet setting he has no time for proletarian tasks that are beneath him. We need to understand prince panzy pants is WAY too important to be bothered with “shopping”

Dead Poet

Trudeau is the most brain dead fool ever elected.


The more I have read about Lisa Raitt and have heard her say now, She is really for Canada, she has common sense and very good leadership abilities, she sounds like she is very strong and would make a good Prime Minister. I am still trying to figure out Andrew Schere as he really so far has not shown he is able to stand up for Canada??? He is not letting us see him or what he stands for, I realize that the media in Canada is just looking for ways to make him look bad, is that why we… Read more »

alan skelhorne

really nancyw, where have you been since mr. scheer got elected. really, your comment is very shallow, if you knew how much influence trudeau has on the media, you wouldn,t believe it. in essence, what i am trying to say to you, stay a liberal, because if you were a conservative, you would get behind mr. scheer.

Rob MacGregor

What in the hell has the “legacy” of a previous government got to do with answering a question about Turdo having his food driven to his house? Am I missing something? Who voted for this embarrassment?

I can’t wait to hear the statements of Turdo’s legacy by the next government. It’ll read like a Seinfeld episode.