Watch: Trudeau Spends 7 Minutes Refusing To Say What Carbon Tax Will Cost Canadians, Blames Harper Again

With gas prices surging across the country, Canadians are demanding answers on the carbon tax. Trudeau refuses to give those answers. Instead, he’s attacking Harper.

In Question Period, Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt (who unlike Justin Trudeau actually has experience of working-class life) asked the Prime Minister to reveal what the carbon tax will cost Canadians.

With gas prices rising nationwide, Canadians are realizing that Trudeau’s policies are having a serious negative impact on our wallets – especially the carbon tax.

Keep in mind, the government charges taxes on top of the carbon tax, and that double taxation bites especially bad at the pumps.

As Raitt asked for answers, Justin Trudeau showed that his recent shift towards blaming Harper is now a consistent strategy to avoid giving real answers and avoid taking responsibility.

Every time Raitt asked a question, Trudeau pivoted to an attack on Harper. Ironically, Justin Trudeau is less popular now than Stephen Harper was at the same time in office, and Trudeau’s disapproval rating has surged to nearly 60% in some polls.

More and more people are realizing that if attacks on the past government is all that Trudeau has left after over two years in office, it’s basically an admission of his own failure.

Watch the Question Period video below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Hubbs

Looks like Canadians have a new national drinking game. Put together a number of the Boy Blunder’s non-answers and speeches and every time he blames Stephen Harper for something that is JTs fault yell drink and take a swig. Depending on what you are drinking you should be trashed after about 5 minutes of this game. Trudeau has become a mere cartoon character of himself. Lets hope PM Gerald Butts continues to let his minion, Justin Trudeau, speak in public and by 2019 he should have a disapproval rating the same as Auntie Wynne. lol




Allis Chalmers

Why would one even ask this Moron a question. All his responses are lies and rederick. He is nothing but a imature smart ass who thinks he is above the working class who pays the bills.


Oh, how jealous Trudeau is of PMSH, he wished he could do what PMSH did for canada but just cant. PMSH is a true canadian whereas justin trudeau is a radical, supports radicalism, ÌSIS, TERRORISTS AND ILLEGALS.


When the foreign false Lieberals have the nerve to demonize the best Canadian government that Canada has ever had in my lifetime, the Harper Conservatives, which includes the drama of the first terrible middle finger raising at Canadians that he disliked unless French like him P.Trudeau, to bad the truth about that horrible false prime minister is not around so much any more. Mr. Harper was well respected in Canada and around the world, he was making me proud to be Canadian, he really truthfully worked at keeping Canada together being democratic and trying to get our huge Lieberal debt… Read more »

Eric Blair

I see in the picture above that Trudeau has two women at his side. It seems that who gets to sit next to Trudeau changes probably from day to day. One, the blonde, is my MP or should I say the MP from Delta who does a great job in representing Ottawa in Delta. Spencer I just love the way you post pictures of Trudeau with either his mouth open, a deer in the headlights look or some smirk on that pretty boy face of his. I just love it. I remember years ago (mid 60’s) that the Toronto Star… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Trudeau won’t ever give a truthful answer about the costs of a carbon tax. Because no matter what he would say it would be a lie. Also he knows very well that no one would ever accept having to pay such a tax, especially when it would cost more than they could afford and would most likely force them to choose between putting food on the table or paying their bills each month. This carbon tax was never given any real thought and was never intended to actually reduce carbon because the Trudeau government, like all socialists believe in heavily… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

Oh, my goodness, how would He respond without notes? The same as he does with notes — nothing of substance.

The surest sign of an individual who truly has no personal knowledge about the subject matter, but must maintain the ‘lifesaver’ notes.

In short, absolutely incompetent.