Watch: Trudeau Spends 7 Minutes Refusing To Say What Carbon Tax Will Cost Canadians, Blames Harper Again

With gas prices surging across the country, Canadians are demanding answers on the carbon tax. Trudeau refuses to give those answers. Instead, he’s attacking Harper.

In Question Period, Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt (who unlike Justin Trudeau actually has experience of working-class life) asked the Prime Minister to reveal what the carbon tax will cost Canadians.

With gas prices rising nationwide, Canadians are realizing that Trudeau’s policies are having a serious negative impact on our wallets – especially the carbon tax.

Keep in mind, the government charges taxes on top of the carbon tax, and that double taxation bites especially bad at the pumps.

As Raitt asked for answers, Justin Trudeau showed that his recent shift towards blaming Harper is now a consistent strategy to avoid giving real answers and avoid taking responsibility.

Every time Raitt asked a question, Trudeau pivoted to an attack on Harper. Ironically, Justin Trudeau is less popular now than Stephen Harper was at the same time in office, and Trudeau’s disapproval rating has surged to nearly 60% in some polls.

More and more people are realizing that if attacks on the past government is all that Trudeau has left after over two years in office, it’s basically an admission of his own failure.

Watch the Question Period video below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube