Illegal Border Crossing Surge Overwhelms Toronto Shelters

Some are now asking neighbours to take in those who crossed illegally.

As the federal government refuses to take action to stop the flow of illegal border crossings into our country, refugee shelters in Toronto are being overwhelmed.

According to a report in the Toronto Star, “Since the beginning of the fall, the peak season for refugee arrivals, Toronto’s already strained refugee shelter system has been dealing with what some operators call an unprecedented bed shortage. Some operators are even referring callers to shelters in Hamilton.”

Because of the continued influx, homeless Torontonians (Canadian citizens) are seeing an increasingly strained system. Even as the number of homeless people seeking shelter rises, illegal border crossers are rising even faster:

“While the number of homeless contacting the city for referrals to available shelter beds rose by 13.2 per cent last year to 12,843, Patricia Anderson, a manager of the city’s shelter support and housing administration, said calls from individual refugees and families looking for shelters almost tripled to 928.”

The situation has reached such a crisis point that it pushed “the Romero House, which has four locations in Toronto, to launch a community host program to ask neighbours, friends and supporters to open their homes to accommodate the overflow until a shelter bed is available for those knocking on its doors.”

This result was predictable.

Cities have limited financial and housing resources. That means every allocation of resources represents a choice. Having more illegal border crossers in the country inevitably means less resources for Canadian citizens in need.

The Trudeau government tries to ignore that choice and hide the fact that it’s a trade-off, but that doesn’t change the truth.

The more the government allows illegal border crossings, the less help there will be for Canadians in need. That’s not ‘compassion,’ it’s disloyalty to those the government is supposed to be serving.

Spencer Fernando

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