POLL: 56% Of Canadians Say Individual Freedom Is More Important Than ‘Social Justice’

Ipsos MORI survey shows people in India are most likely to favour individual freedom, while people in France are most likely to favour ‘social justice.’

A new survey by Ipsos MORI conducted near the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth asked people around the world whether they felt Individual Freedom was more important than ‘social justice.’

Here are some of the key numbers:

56% of Canadians support individual freedom, leaving 44% who favour ‘social justice.’

India is the most supportive of individual freedom, with 72% favouring it. In the United States, 66% favour individual freedom.

On the other end of the spectrum, the countries least in favour of individual freedom were Saudi Arabia (43%), Germany (38%), China (37%), and France (36%).

Here’s a chart with the full results:

Chart – Ipsos MORI

Those numbers are a good reminder of why Canada should have naturally close ties with the United States and India, while being wary of China. It’s a very different set of values.

With that in mind, the fact that 44% of Canadians rank ‘social justice’ ahead of individual freedom is concerning, and shows that there’s a large potential base for the authoritarian left-wing governance we see under Justin Trudeau. That’s why all of us Canadian patriots who stand for individual freedom must never back down in our effort to ensure Canada always remains the true north strong and FREE.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Werner

This is why our country will fall apart. You cant have individual freedom without social justice or rather, just justice. Without justice how will you defend your freedoms? The only way I know is to defend yourself which means arming yourself. And now we’re into the gun debate. Its all a web.
We’ve rebelled against Gods justice so society is creating its own which is fluid and ever changing depending on the societal majority at the time. So what might seem like justice today will be injustice tomorrow. The big question becomes WHO’s justice?


Well Said!


What is the meaning of social justice? I looked it up, it has so many meanings listed all different, but because of Karl Marx and communism being lumped together and other real left sided things? Justice if done with good law making is good? Most of us are social ? Freedom from the song that says: your only free when you have nothing left to loose? What kind of freedom do they mean? and who’s laws are they anyway? How could one decide? There are just too many meanings for different words and or statements? Am I free to say… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

I cannot understand why this would even be a serious discussion.

The truth of the matter is obvious: without freedom, there can be no such thing as ‘social justice.’


fred dimmick

Justin’s daddy favored a ‘ just society ‘ but wasn’t above giving it the fuddle duddle finger. It is all great sounding blarney to take power away from individual responsible freedom loving folks by hanging a guilt trip on anyone susceptible.