Report: Anti-Ford Ad Based On Totally False Healthcare Claim

The desperate far-left are going to try and lie about Doug Ford in an effort to keep the Wynne Liberals in power.

A new ad from an organization called ‘Working Ontario Women,’ is an attack on Doug Ford and past Conservative governments on healthcare.

Here’s the thing though…

The ad is based on a claim that is 100% false.

The ad can be seen below:

The ad is not just a bit wrong. It’s 100% false. It’s based on a fake claim.

Under Stephen Harper, healthcare spending increased every year, without any exceptions.

The claim of Harper ‘cutting $36 billion from healthcare’ is based upon an ad campaign by the leftist organization Engage Canada that ran during the 2015 election. That ad campaign was 100% debunked.

Here’s what Global News said about that ad campaign at the time:

“What Engage Canada is talking about here is a change to the growth rate of those transfers. Under the old formula, which was up for renewal, transfers were going to increase by 6 per cent every year. Under the new formula, introduced in the 2012 budget, transfers will continue to go up by 6 per cent until 2017-18. In 2017-18, the transfers will increase by an amount tied to the growth rate in Canada’s GDP, or 3 per cent per year – whichever is larger.”

And here’s a fact you won’t see in the anti-Ford ad: The Trudeau government kept Harper’s healthcare funding formula. Funny how that doesn’t get brought up.

So, the ad is based on a total lie. Reducing a future increase is still an increase, not a cut – and everybody knows that – except people trying to lie for political gain.

This ad shows that the left is so desperate to stop Ford that they plan to just straight up lie. This is an example of why Ford is right to be bypassing the media to get his message directly to the people, since much of the media has refused to call out the lying ad.

We can expect a campaign of lies, accusations, and attempts to demonize Ford, as the radical left does everything they can to keep their hold on power and stop the people from getting true representation.

Let’s do all we can to make sure the real truth gets out, and real positive change can come to Ontario. Lies should not be allowed to derail Ford Nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter